Wednesday, November 6, 2013

3 years and insya allah still counting...

My 3rd anniversary.

That morning woke up, dont feel like different from any other day.
wasnt too looking forward to it as anniversary is just a another numbers
add up to your marriage life.

we went makan tony romas.
owh my birthday last month we went to traders hotel.

Well it does means something, it means both of you are in love and willing to fight and
cheers the years of marriage ahead.

Yes marriage is where you love and fight at the same times.
fight of argument and to be with forever.
for the sake of love and families.

3 years is a bliss for me. cant believe it as well.
bless with Aleena.

i am the type yang senang marah tapi senang memaafkan dan melupakan.
husband on the other part susah gila nak marah, penyabar orangnya, tak berapa senang memaafkan
dan melupakan. sebab tu dia jarang marah.
very the opposite. i think this is what makes our marriage works.
that is what i think. shall ask my husband to write bout our marriage soon.

i believe he has to be patience with me, a lot of it. i am aggresive, stubborn and impatience.
it is hard to argue with me, as i would love to win in most argument. so there fore i always avoid it.
i have learn to be patience a lot from my laid back husband.

he is such a laid back person he can even day dream while driving. bahah so i have to be alerted at all times
and guided him while driving.

my ignorance and easily forgive and forget is what make my marriage works.
i am not a highly maintained women, i rarely shops( so my husband doesnt have to have headache on this) and
i can live humbly but my husband always decide to treat me like a queen.
mainly of what we eat la. maybe due to that i am extremly fat nowadays.

before my maid ran away, we had helps around the house. due to that my husband dont lend a hand in anyway at all.
especially with housework.
however, after my maid dissapear and i was sick for a week due to muscle sprain, he is such a big helps. house chores
is being done together.

i do believe a house that is full of happiness, no jealousy, no heartache,
no grudge and hatred is the key to a well to do family.

we aim high, both of us is very ambitious, but we keep our feet to the ground.
try to support each other in both of our dreams, life, and career.

supporting in each other, physically and emotionally.

i am bless to have my dear husband in life,thank you god for a wonderful jodoh.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


terus terang cakap masa anak demam dan sakit adalah paling depress dalam hidup.
Aleena sejak masuk nursery once a month subahanallah jatuh sakit.
Alhamdulillah nothing major lepas 3 hari kebah dan sihat. syukur.

Tapi itulah, susah hati dibuatnya.
Bila demam aku rasa gloomynya jiwa dan suasana. No matter how i try to cheer up.
but i always try to make her happy so that she will recovered fast.

she is turning 2 this month!
tapi there will be no celebration or whatsoever cause she wont understand yet.


Friday, October 25, 2013

rindu masa dulu

Masa Lalu.

Aku macam rindu masa lalu.
setengah dari itu la. Ada yang tak dirindui. Benci ada.
Kadang-kadang kan, rasa macam what if tu sentiasa berlegar di kepala.
Tapi perkara yang lepas tu jangan dikenang.

But perkara lepas yang terjadi tulah makes what i am now.
A very strong women. My experience from the past sangat valuable.
Untuk hati dan perasaan.

rindu bebas masa belajar dulu.
rindu aku yang dulu..

Monday, October 21, 2013

interior rumah

I love interior designing.

But with limited money and time plus space it is just a dream.
however jangan kata nak menghias rumah cantik, nak bagi kemas and bersih pun
tertunggang terbalik dah hidup seharian.

I guess being a full time working mother and with a toddler is very impossible.
Plus ada husband yang ada banyak barang(coz dia ada business cetak baju) memang suicidal mission.

tried my best tapi tak ter-catch up.

Mana nak buat laundry,masak, uruskan anak. memang tak mampu.

but i love going trough all those interior design picture in PINTEREST. meroyan tengok.

as for now as long as rumah bersih sudah la ya?

masalah pulak duduk rumah ground floor ni, tempat sampah depan rumah,
walaupun tertutup memang lalat tu ada. Lipas. Lipan.Tikus pun satu hal tapi lama dah tak nampak.

so aku pasrah la bila anak tonggang bekas-bekas mainan dia.
aku sekarang kalau sapu sampah ada mainan dia yang kecik-kecik aku malas dah kutip.
sapu masuk tong sampah sekalian alam. nasib la.

so if nak beli mainan skang beli yang besar sahaja.

sigh...tunggu anak dah besaq la baru rumah nak elok

Friday, October 18, 2013

The end of my breastfeeding journey

Tamatlah sudah episode breastfeeding journey saya.

insya allah aleena is turning 2 years old next month on the 16.11.2013.
But i decided to stop pumping already today.
My stock can supply aleena for another week then she will be fully on formula during daytime.
but at home she will be either direct feed of bottle fed.

WOW is what i can say for the fact i manage to face 3 or more of pumping session.
washing all those breastpump and bottle parts and sterilze them.

those ups and down of the stocks.
sigh! phewwh im glad that it is over and alhamdulillah aleena boleh terima formula.

she is drinking MAMIL ALL N ONE.

i am glad and thankful that Allah s.w.t give me the opportunity to actually breastfed her for so long.
that she can get all the benefit from breastmilk.

to those mother's to be. try your very best to breastfeed your baby.
you have to be very determined and patience in order to actually do it.
really lots of hardwork especially for the working mothers.

sleepless night, aching body, sore nipple,clinginess, crankiness, wet bra and clothes, crying over melt stock,
over spill milk!, forgot to keep freshly pump milk in fridge, etc etc etc.
my god im glad that is over for now.

will i re-do everything for the next baby? insya allah with all my might i will.

the good things of breastfeeding is so much that i cant listed it all here:
from the health of your child(sakit pun insya allah tak teruk dan lama), very cheerful, strong,
very close to you. very. maybe because my baby is a girl dia sangat obedient.
and the best thing is that you leave part of you with your baby although you pergi kerja with is your milk.
so you are actually all the time with them. :-)

best thing is that
i dont have to  bring my awful koyak cooler bag anymore.
yay can use back my handbag!
no more heavy ice pack to carry.
no more preparing milk bottles.
no more preparing breastpump.
no more all those washing and sterilize 100 parts of it.
no more rushing work for 3 pumping session
no more worrying bout milk is not enough and etc.

but aleena is still adjusting to my milk is low at night,
she use to feed frequently at agak kesian disitu.
bancuh susu pun tak mau.
just need adjusting.

when she finally wean off barulah boleh fikir pasal next baby!

till then.:-)

i am willing to share my tips if any mothers out there nak tanya apa apa.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Aku stress.

From a mother to a mother.
How can you ever judge another mother?

Yes, my daughter is often sick. especially after
she is in the nursery. Dont you think i take all the
precaution i can? i fully breastfeed my baby for heaven sake.
That is my biggest prevention.

What can i do that she cry often? i dont understand what she wants.
She cry when she dindt get her way,which baby doesnt?
and yes because of this i refuse to have another baby at this moment.

i am piss off right now.

i am not as fortunate as you.
so quick whining bout your pitiful life of being a full time mother with no career whatsoever and suck it up
be thankful you moron

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sayangku Aleena

Over the weekend seriously tak buat apa pun.
Just stay at home for the long weekend.
so sad right.

anyway just posting pictures of my dearest Aleena.
Somebody mention to me that i adore and love aleena deeply. yes sangat. anak kot.
sayang ketat ketat.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sleeping patten

Aleena oooOOOoOih Aleena

Tidur itu penting tak?
As for me i need to sleep but if my sleep is interupted i am okay with it
Legalah bila jadi mak ni memang la tidur tu terganggu.
Dan tidur itu dah terganggu selama lebih 2 tahun.
Dari start mengandung sehinggalah sekarang.

Masa dalam pantang kan, aku sangat tak suka.satu pergerakan restricted. Kedua sebab
baru nak biasakan diri dengan anak, so schedule hidup tunggang-langgang.
Nak established breastfeeding lagi.
Aku stress gila, luckily my mom realize that and force my bff to come and visit me often.
Rasa macam stress gila sebab baru nak belajar jaga anak kan.

Malam memang paling worse. sebab kau sorang-sorang, nak tidurkan anak.kau sendiri ngantuk.
Nak kacau suami kesian dia kerja besoknya.
Luckily ada buaian, at least dari kol 10 malam sampai 12 malam suami buai anak bagi aku tidur.

and malam has been very troublesome for me.
sebab i want aleena to sleep trough the night so that bila dia awake pagi dia ceria and cergas.
dulu masa aleena ada pengasuh di rumah tak apa lah i can leave her to continue sleeping
but as for now since i had to sent her to the nursery memang kalau malam dia tidur tak cukup dia cranky pagi.

Okay aleena sleep from 7.30 pm to morning. Morning means bila mama bangun dia bangun. Since dia guna my nipple as pacifier, memang gitulah.
anyway at least dia lepas juga la nipple aku.
so in between dia memang akan dream feed. many times. as frequent as hourly. and dulu memang aku weng la bila bangun pagi,
and usually sampai office first things aku minum kopi dulu.

memang la tak tidur lena sekarang. tambah plak kalau tak sihat.lagi la weh.
aleena ni frequently demam. make me feel like a failure mother. hence i blame it on the nursery bahahaha
pedulik. sebab hantar nursery anak aku selalu sakit. aku rasa kurang sikir burden mak tak guna tu.

Baru-baru ni demam 5 hari. tak tau apa punca. but i blame it on myself sebab selalu sakit and aku makan
habbatus sauda high dose sikit. Panas kan. Demam la budak tu. Stop alhamdulilah terus ok.

anyway, selesai aku breastfeeding. aku nak cuti setahun before ada anak lagi. aku nak rehat sepuasnya.

sebab bila ada anak lagi this cycle continue people!

Ni kes malam tadi aleena bangun banyak kali, Aleena oi bila hang dah besaq baca ni baru hang tau sian mak hang!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


When you are a mother, did you realized your time is so crutial
that it is wasnt enough the 24 hours a day?

Memang tak sempat kan nak buat apa.
but today i would like to talk about the ME time.


duh.. dont say we are not a good mother cause we need a
ME time.

let me rant ok.

Everyday life is really hectic. Cause you are managing many people at once.
You dont manage yourself but your children and husband too.
You are managing your household.

time is not enough.

Paling best bangun pagi nak buang air tak kiralah besar ke kecik,
anak merengek nak bermanja. Hah masuklah sekali dalam bilik air.

Dulu aku boleh masak lagi, sekarang tak boleh anak tagging kat kaki minta

Sejak urat putus hari tu sampai bedridden sekejap, aku tak sanggup dah overdo myself.
no more supermommy!.

Rumah aku sumpah tunggang langgang. Aku dah kurang pedulik. Sumpah stress tengok tapi aku tak larat nak exert myself

Peti ais aku kosong takde mende nak masak.
sumpah stress juga.
Bila nak makan luar aku tak tau nak makan apa.
Nasi goreng hari-hari sangat membunuh dan memuakkan.


Stress paham?

Tapi bestnya dapat melepak bermanja dengan Aleena lama-lama tanpa perlu masak adalah heaven.

Walaupun perasaan nak anak lagi membuak-buak, tapi it is a NO NO right now kerana i wanna give
full attention to aleena. satg mengandung sakit takleh layan aleena masa dia tengah
crave for attention sekarang lagi haru.
Give all the love until she understand and can talk full sentences first.
Senang nak nasihat and explain this and that.
For now tak payah la.
Memang aku tak mampu physically and mentally.
Biarlah anak gap jauh pun.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

government or private sector.

Susah nak take the leap to improve my career.
terlalu rasa comfortable in government sector.
Gaji banyak. walaupun lagi banyak la pergi private.
tapi dia comfort of being comfirm kerja kau ni ada selamanya.
inysa allah.
Tapi nak kaya tak dapatlah.
aku pun terfikir if ever aku ada gut nak bukak my own
pharmacy business.
barulah kaya raya.
boleh travel there and here.
first class.
and boleh hantar anak belajar good school.
and takyah risau anak kena amik ptptn or loan.
or need scholarship.

banyak offer kerja.
i should take now.
nanti in the future,banyak budak junior ni yang amik tempat.
stuck in government forever and menyesal.

People says i shall maintain working in government because
my husband is in private sector.
kerja tak stabil.

so i am confuse.

i really wanna challenge myself.
at the same time i dont think bringing up kids can allow me to do so.
if i had to choose between career and my kids.
of course i will choose my family instead.
just that i wanna give the best.

so yeah money is crutial.

but anyway, currently i dont have the guts to do so yet.


Monday, September 2, 2013


My dear Little Princess Aleena

She is now 1 Years and 9 months.
She has grown into masya allah a beautiful girl.
I am truly thankful and bless for her

Since she masuk nursery, she is often sick. On and off.
Flu there and here. Fever but always alhamdullilah resolves quickly.

But last week she had a 5 days fever. Not a high grade one.
With no flu or cough. So decided to just sponge and give her Supp PcM and voltaren.
Alhadmullilah she already recovered. And im enjoying her while she is healthy.

I do notice that aleena is easily disturb and cry. Often because she dindt
get what she wants or her way.
Or because somebody disturb her. For example quarell over a toys or something.
Thus she will continue this to her sleep as well.
So she will on and off sleep and awaken crying.
Tiring for her and us as a parents too.

So we need to keep her happy the night before.
So yeah. problem ni.
Actually if us the parents is not around she will be ok.
play all day in nursery.
no problem at all.\
i guess it is a common problem la.

All toddlers wants attention. so they cry, scream and merengek all day long.

Mini steamboat and grill

My PIL came in last weekend.
Hantar my sis in law masuk TESL UKM.
so we decided to have a steamboat and grilled for fun
cause my Bro in law came as well.

Awesome food. Awesome time.

Semua bahan beli dekat JUsco Au2
they have the best marinated beef ever. seriously and they are cheap too.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Car

This year macam wow so many big event happens.
Which will only be summarized once we reach december ya?
As for now i add on a new thing.
new commitment in life.

A new car:-)

Naik pangkat, tukar kereta.
nanti naik pangkat lagi, tukar lagi.

Bought the new honda civic 2.0.
Impromptu decision.
before raya.
in a week only, poof. new car. gila.

:-) but suka sangat sebab aku dan suami kan macam besaq gila.
so kereta myvi tu tak releven lagi.
so yeah. what a busy 2013 it is.

Dilema ibu bekerja

Dilema bekerja atau tidak.
memang menjaga anak sepenuhnya di rumah adalah
impian semua ibu didunia.
Gila kau hati ni tak tenteram bagi sesiapa
pun jaga.
Tambah aku ni hantar nursery selepas Aleena
dijaga sepupu aku selama ni.
Balik amik anak tengok dia terpingga-pingga sorang-sorang.
Tak de orang la nak bagi perhatian lebih dekat anak kau.
Ramai lagi kot budak lain nursery nak jaga.
Cuma seronok bila amik anak di nursery dia akan melompat kegembiraan
nampak kau macam dah tak jumpa bertahun.
Sedih dan terharu bercampur baur.

Kesian aleena dan semua anak-anak yang dihantar ke taska.
Tapi aleena macam happy juga di taska sebab ramai
budak boleh main sama-sama. Dia memang jenis friendly suka main.
Aku anggap la macam hantar playschool.
Downside nya adalah dia selalu subahanallah demam dan sakit.
Aku pasrah.
Sedih tengok dia selesema sebulan tak baik.
Kudis dan parut sana sini. Nyamuk gigit, dia garu, luka, kuman dan tinggal parut.

banyak sedih juga jadi mak yang bekerja ni.
hati selalu terguris tengok anak macam tu.
hantar pagi pukul 6.45 am, nursery baru buka pintu.
setiap hari satu guris. Kau bayangkan bertahun-tahun.
lama-lama hati aku numb. T_T

Anak tu priority. Sebab tak mampu nak hidup senang dan mewah
jadi aku kena kerja juga. Kalau harap gaji suami je kena
dok kampung.hehe. tapi aku nak dok kl. family semua sini.
nak makan sedap dan beli pelbagai mainan dan baju mahal untuk anak.
Sebab aku percaya bagi yang terbaik untuk anak, insya allah
selamanya dia akan dapat yang terbaik dalam hidupnya.
Itu pendapat dan kepercayaan aku.
Orang lain tak tau la.

jadi cuti aku dari 25 hari, sekarang bulan September tinggal 5 hari.
Sebab bila anak demam aku akan cuti.
Seminggu pun pedulik.
2 tahun terambil cuti lebih. Kena potong gaji, I dont really care cause,
prinsip aku, anak tu paling penting. Tapi sebab aku kena kerja juga,
so amik la cuti bila anak tak sihat. Dalam setahun 365 hari kalau kena potong gaji
3-4 hari tu apa sangat lah.
kacau perjalanan karier katanya oleh Human resource.
aku jawab:
Bila masa plak aku keje untuk career. aku keje untuk dapat
pahala dan duit lebey nak belanja hidup dan anak.
jadi career kacau, rekod tak cantik pun xpe.
not my priority.
itu akulah..tak tau orang lain.
setiap kali anak demam walau aku takot sikit lah nak amik
cuti sebab takot orang kena tanggung tugas aku dan boss bengkek.
Aku remind myself of my priority list.
and what is career and money if aleena makin sakit?
aleena itu penting.


so aku dah ok sekarang. cuti habis pun pedulik. janji aku bahagia.

dilema aku lagi.
bila balik kerja aku jalan laju gila.
Sumpah kalau masuk pertandingan walkathon aku menang sampai olimpik.
Laju weh.
Mind you aku ada asthma.
so bila jalan laju, sampai kereta aku mengah gila.
Kalau aku ni berkulit putih, muka aku masa tu biru.
tapi sebab kulit aku gelap, tak nampak apa la.
Tambah asthma aku tak control sekarang.

OWh, sebab aku jalan laju ialah aku tak mau
biar aleena tunggu aku lama nak jemput dia di nursery.
Time with her during weekdays is very priceless.
sat ja boleh spent time dengan dia.
by 7,30pm dia dah tidur. tu bedtime dia.
memang tetiap malam waktu tu dia dah meroyan nak tidur.
so aku memang susah nak keluar malam.

uish, monday blues memang gini. rindu anak tahap gaban.
Sorry to say la, bapak ayah papa semua tak akan rasa
apa yang mommies semua rasakan.
pure love i tell you.

Pure love.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


what define happiness?
i dont know bout others but my life is. alhamdulillah.

i dont pretty much make my life complicated. i dont think much. i do, but not too much.
i am okay with whatever we have or had.
i am bless with aleena and my husband.
i am okay with staying in HKL kuarters instead of my own house. i called this my home now.
i am okay with the car that i drive.
i am okay with most of the things.

i dont need much anyway. i need good food, a home, my daughter and my husband.
my bills all settle and im done.

basically i dont need expensive and branded stuff. i am settled with whatever i can get.
i will thrive for more. but i dont stress out myself for it.
i dont bother much what other think of me. dont really care coz what my family think of me is far more important.
i dont bother and care what other people do or does.
i really am dont care and give a damn.

i guess that is why i am happy.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


We women usually devoted our life for something or someone else. To God. 

to our parents, family.
As a daughter, a wife, a mother, a worker and everything.

we women, usually  willing to do anything for the one that we love. we do everything and anything,

we dont ask anything for return for all those things we do passionately, but just a little appriciation.

 as a mother and a wife, you dont have much time for yourself. even a toilet break. but we dont easily let those things get over us cause we want the best for our family, the loves one.

we cook, clean, nurture our baby.
with tenderness love and care.
sometimes we do broke down. coz we are human. tired.

housewife are damn lucky. yes you are tired doing all those house chores but, you for who? for the family,damn you are lucky. 

i do all those house chores too, and i work too.
8-5 doesnt just start at 8 am.

all those preparation for daily activites and all those nursery stuff.
rushing there and here. 

i have never walked slow ever after i got aleena. always rush back to her so that i can spend more time with her and yeah those other works too.

always rushing.

we women always aims and do the best in everything. we wants the best. so we work towards that. in the end when we dindt manage to get it we can easily loose it. the frustration is beyond words.

sigh. this is me tired.

i am too happy masya allah in life that sometimes when i just wanted to let a little cry to soothe myself, i cant. it just wont come out coz whenever i am sad i remember all those happiness and greatness that god gaves me.
i shall be thankfull.

despite being tired i am okay.


Monday, July 1, 2013

hati bahagia berbunga riang

Semua orang tanya kenapa badan aku bagai di pam pam.
to tell you the truth hati saya sangat bahagia dan berbunga riang. seriously sangat alhamdulillah happy. 

Suami saya sangat menyenangkan jiwa dan ragaku. My life is simple and wonderful. gila ayat iklan ke apa ni. tapi memang, aku sangat bahagia.
Allah s.w.t gave me my husband yang of course ada flaw-nya, tapi yang paling penting dia sangat sabar dan menyenangkan jiwa. tak menyakitkan hati dan penyayang.

flaw suami saya-malaih tolong kemaih umah. tapi saya rajin so tak ape, dia rajin masak and melayan saya dan aleena. 

tapi if saya nak minta tolong apa apa just ask. DONE

my husband is the opposite me in every way.
i sangat kalut ke laut- he is so calm
i sangat angry bird tetapi dia ialah baik macam rabbit
i sangat kurang sabaq gila tahap gaban- dia sabaaaaaaq gila
i sangat tak observance hence if suami saya bukan jenis observance banyak yang aleena buat saya terlepas   

tapi..both of us gila makan and masak :-)
we both saya gila tengok movie dan series:-)
he is my bestfriend sebab i can talk about anything to him, he wont judge me.

buruk baik dia terima.

Saya sangat gemuk buat masa ini kerana:
1. terlalu bahagia alhamdulillah
2. masih menyusu aleena, dieting will reduce my milk supply,so i rather gemuk hihi. 4 more months to go!

so there is your answer 

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Being a mother and a wife is the toughest task in the entire world. i bet it is easier to be a president of a country than being a mother and a wife.

You need to be motivated all the time. You cannot be depress or down in order to get trough the day. heck you cant even be sick.
Your daily activities is filled every minutes of the day. If you are a housewife from the moment you are awake you need to do a lot of thing. If you are a working mom too. Well that is for me. I do both.
Working, Cleaning, Cooking and etc etc. Tiring as hell. sorry to say but im happy to do them.It is just that emotionally, sometimes i am down to. Tiring and disappointing. But i dont really play well with my emotion. Usually i will just ignore them coz i cant afford to be down and depress. my family daily life depend on me totally.

to tell the truth i am tired. but i am feeling satisfied that i did everything right by the end of the i dont really have time for myself. mandi pun anak tagging sekali. (dont imagine how), so no time for myself. but it is not a bad thing that every friday during lunch time i will savor those long lunch period for  myself. go out with friends and eat expensive food bahaha or go to the salon and spa. so that is my precious time. 

 Usually at 5 pm sharp i will run to my car to fetch aleena. not a minute waste.i got long chores awaiting me at home too. 

Fetch aleena from nursery , keep milk in the fridge, breastfeed aleena, wash and sterile bottle and pump, cook, do the laundry, sweep and mop the floor, get aleena nursery stuff ready.

so yeah.. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Our mini House Warming

Did a mini open house. My awesome MIL cooked delicious nasi dagang with krutuk daging and udang. Seriously awesome.

so call a few close friends and family to come and instantly become a house warming as well.

(again long overdue post)


Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Looooooong post overdue.

Let me just say that im a sucker for lavish and expensive hotel.
i dont like travel much, so whenever im in need of a holiday, i would rather find a nice hotel and check in for a weekend.

Been to most hotel in KL already. 
Let me do a bit review on Grand Hyatt KL.

Its a new hotel. i check in back in March? Cant really remember.
but anyway we had a good time here. will gladly to go again.

We love the buffet breakfast but, it is soooOOOoO expensive. baaha but the view is breathtaking!
 View from our room!

   cantik kan.... tapi malas nak tulis panjang panjang. bye

Buffet- Impiana Hotel KLCC

This hotel has been solely our family favorite ever since forever. (Family means- My husband , Aleena and I)
We usually check in for a weekend there but most of the time we just went there for breakfast buffet. We really like the enviroment there. Very pleasant and calm. the atmosphere is very relaxing.

The food is nice as well.The staff is very friendly and attentive. We always been greeted politely and they always attend to our needs efficiently. Aleena loves it too.

I will make a breakfast buffet entry some other time. 
Last Thursday Mr Husband decided to treat me to Tonka Bean Impiana Klcc Hotel.
He always make a sudden wonderful treat for me.That is why i dont really care much whenever we dont celebrate our anniversary or such. I dont really make a big deal out of it as he always nice to me. Treated me to all kind of special things day and night regardless its a special date or not.

anyway, we were lucky that on the same day the hotel is making a Pre-Ramadhan buffet for the blogger and media to try out and make a review about it.
so Yeah more delicious and drooling buffet spread for us. VERY LUCKY!

But as i was there for the food and quite hungry i dont really fight with the bloggers for the picture. As i always go there for ramadhan buffet as well , so i kind a have in mind already what is the spread. 
the new food they add in is SALMON SASHIMI my fave!


 they have everything that you can name it! western eastern malaysian .
and the best part is their ice cream is baskin robin!

 My husband enjoying every dishes.
 so did my little baby aleena.:-) she had ice cream that night and went around running everywhere at the hotel lobby later that night bahahah.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

update on my breastfeeding journey

It has been 1 year and 7 months now.
and i still love it. although it is so tiring and time consuming but im getting hang of it.
my supply at times drop tremendously and has to use up all my stock.
but then it turn to normal again
the picture is not on normal days. that is Wednesday. usually most i can get is ony 12 oz.

i try to supplement aleena with formula milk. Once there a booth at the Jusco mall and i let aleena try, she drank happily. bought a packed and mix them a few times. if i make 3 oz she will only drink half of it.

anyway, rezeki aleena, suddenly my husband office mate decided to supply aleena with her milk as she is oversupply.
so YAY! aleena now has ibu susuan. Her name is AISYAH and aleena now sister susuan is AYRA.

anyway, my milk is enough for aleena, but i rotate her stock with my milk so that i will still have supply until aleena insya allah 2 years old.
now i give to the nursery 2x3oz my milk and 2x 4 oz Aisyah milk's.

i am still insya allah gonna continue breastfeed her until 2 years old. then will try to wean her off. exercise regularly and hardworkingly so that i reduce as much as weight so that i can get pregnant again.

currently i will always called up my friends who in need of help on breastfeeding. 
anyway can always contact me and i will happily share my experience.

owh btw, i am not the kind of person who pump once and get oz of milk. top is 6 oz. but mostly is 4 oz. i am thankful that it is enough for aleena.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

having another baby?

i really do want another baby. but i am not fully ready yet. 

first and foremost aleena is still fully breastfeed. as she barely eats much, but eats jugak la. can finish the whole chicken drumstick? hahahah

she depending my milk most of the time.

my mil has been asking bout this countless time.she said i need to give aleena a friend to play with. bahahah not a good reason to have another one as for me quantity is not important as the quality is. and i know my MIL highly praising me on very good jaga anak.hihihih but not now as aleena still need my attention fully.

nevermind send aleena to nursery already have many friends to play with if that is a reason for me to have another baby.

but anyway, according to chinese calender. if i want to have a baby boy for the next one, i need to conceive by may next year. not that i believe much in it as it is syirik hahaahh. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

i wanna write again

i shall write again because when i re-read again all the post before, i felt happy that i can trace back all those memories. nowadays the fact that i dont have time to do so, solely because aleena cant see me at peace. she will stalk me weh! toilet ,kitchen, anywhere. she bang on the door every time i go to the toilet and basically push the door open and smile and play "cak cak"(peek-a-boo) with me.

let start slow, okay.

jom cerita pasal my maid (sepupu/pengasuh aleena) ran away.

she is my husband cousin from kelantan. she is 20 years old. dia dah tak sekolah lama dah. she has been taking care of my husband grandmother before and after she passed away she just stay home and do nothing.
then my MIL asked her to take care of aleena.
she agreed. she has been doing a great job taking care of aleena. physically. but she dont really like to play and all with aleena. aleena usually will play by herself. watch tv when she dont watch. and slept a lot.  
i will cooked a bit extra the night before as my maid will re-heat the food. i dont want her to leave aleena alone and cook. so yeah. she will help around the house a bit. such as laundry, sweep and clean the floor. that is it. cuci toilet i buat,  masak, urusan lain semua i buat lah.

i dont mind as long as aleena stayed at home. means no need to send her to nursery-lah.
so anyway,

one fine day, nik father side grandma pass away in kelantan. so we rush back. and we cant bring her along(i think she wants to go back along) there is no space in my MYVI okay. 
what happen is that she decided to run away. called her parents, leave a note and bye bye.

she told me before that after raya she wanna go back for good. yeah we are all okay with it. called up nursery and booked aleena place for after raya. where we will trained aleena like half day for a week or so. not like totally leave her just like that to a stranger.

but no... she decided to be really dumb and leave us just like that. bullshit enough not even dare to answer my phone call or sms. dont even have the courtesy to call or sms to ask how aleena is doing in nursery. where in the first place she seem concern to send aleena there. seriously.

but after all that, aleena is doing fine in the nursery nowadays. it took her 2 weeks to blend in and be comfortable there. after that she seem eager to go every morning. will write a special post on her nursery later.

as for us as a family, my husband and i have a blast without her as we dont have to constantly worrying bout her. where whenever we went outing, she wont follow, so i had to either cooked and prepare her meal before hand. leceh paham. now no more we are free. i dont have to cook each night for her meals tomorrow as well.
 and we can eat whatever we want.

and no stranger at home.
just US.

i dont want to have a maid anymore. housework is not a problem to me.
but  having a maid that i have to  BELA is a no no.

hantar je anak kat nursery and pasrah and constantly doa Allah s.w.t will protect them. dok rumah dengan maid pun bukan selamat mana.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


a simple house with a minimal budget.
ikea la jawabnya. actually kedai perabot biasa lebih murah tapi design cheq tak berkenan sangat. suka design mat saleh. gittew.

now it is a home. mostly is ikea. la. except for the dining table from fella design. old furniture curtsy  of my mom.