Friday, December 31, 2010


I know that in this age usually my friend will tie their knot. But unfortunately most of the wedding that i attend involve going to my father's friend daughter/son wedding day!

But sometimes, due to some coincident, i dont know from where, hehe, it happens that my father's son/daughter is my friend too!
:-) or the son. daughter weds my friend. etc etc.
anyway, today im going to yet another wedding of his friends, but i dont know any of the bride or the groom, but since this B2B blogging thingy, i might end up going to one of them.
it happen twice already!

okay, off to the wedding. it is in shah alam and we usually will go early as we would like to reach there by 12pm. eat and leave.

that is my father style. rarely wait to see the newly weds! bengang! i love seeing the bride and groom, especially the bride as i am fond of the dresses!
hehe owh but whatever did all the b2b out there has the same influence as me? that is whenever i go to a wedding reception nowadays i always look out for the maybe do it yourself or any style that b2b who blog always do.

such as, the decor, the centerpiece, the guestbook, the dessert table etc etc.
do you?

i do.


Is a bomb year!

1. our family moves out 3 times. the first one to move out is my brother, then came my sister and then it was us. my parents and i.

2. i bought a house

3. i bought a car

4. my sister got married.

5.i got married to! brother got 8A's for his PMR

7.i finished my houseman training

8.i was posted in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

9. my dad underwent a major operation a day before my sister get marry.

10. and many more those little things that we should appreciated more.

i am so happy, blessed and praying that 2011 will be more awesome.

till then lets leave 2010 with open heart and mind!

bye bye 2010.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

new year resolution

For 2010, i dont have not a single resolution. so i dont have to achieve anything this year.
but next year i do have a few things to change about myself and do. which i had started on already. be nicer to the patient! order to achieve the first one, i need to be more patience. be more active. find somewhere to do locum. im broke! go on at least 1 holiday with mr nik. be more hardworking
7.gah...that is all, i hate changes.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


OK FINE! i am clingy to my dear hubby so very much!

im addicted to him.



i have been looking for this picture for a long time. none of the camera that was on my wedding day capture this. until i found out that my uncle took this picture. yay.
this is the 1st dessert table i have for my wedding. this one is for after nikah.
i dint get a chance to have any bite of course. but i love it!

and hoping this picture soon from my OP will be great.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

my darling hubby

is coming home today! yay!rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

mr hubby

we are apart for the first time. he went back to kelantan for a friend wedding as i am working over the weekend.
i miss him so much.
i feel weird and lost without him.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


my brother got 8a's in his PMR. today the result came out.
my mum is cooking at the kitchen, grilling some chicken.
anyway as for me im too tired.
mr nik went to the gym, leaving me at home.
i wanted to cuddle in his arms just now, but he went to the gym.
sigh.i miss him.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my dear hubby and his tummy

the breakfast he made for me everyday.

my husband or mr nik, loves to eat. he eats a lot! and i love that thing about him. so macho for a man who eat a lot.
and who gym too.
i love that he has his own hobbies.
2 things that i cook for him. yesterday and today.

in case you are wondering

No im not pregnant yet. had my period yesterday.
not too frustrated as i am not so sure whether i am ready or not. just plain.

but i do want my own babies to play and raise.

but no worries insya allah, if allah wanna grant us with baby, i will have one sooner or later.

as for now, like hidd write on her blogs, i better enjoy my time with mr nik as much as i can!

Monday, December 13, 2010

being a wife.

it is no easy to be a wife. but in my case i have a skip of everything for a newly weds.

1. my house is complete.the appliances, the household wears and etc. as my parents sold their house and move in with me :-) mum is always there to help me. as for cooking and cleaning. so i dont have to do it alone. mind you working and house hold chores is crazy right!

3. i think mr hubby is such a awesome husband who helps around with no need to ask and is a happy person. he always in a happy mode. that helps me a lot.

4. as for cooking, i have a head start.where i took the initiative to learn cooking and helps my mum out. now im not afraid of trying and error with different taste and ingredient.
my cooking style is " campak and belasah" i can main campak the ingredient and it will insya allah turn to a decent meal.regardless what it is. if i open the fridge with whatever left i can turn something to a eatable meal.
and with this selambaness of cooking, i survived cooking for the in-laws family(plus my in-laws rawks)

5. i would love to share recipes with all of you out there. and pretty much anything a newly wife going trough.
and anyone knows any blogs regarding a wife telling her everyday life.
i would love to read.


my specialty:
1.spaghetti Bologna.( i never use prego paste. i made everything my own,thank you)
2.beef stew super fast cooking chicken curry.
4.ayam goreng chili(yummy yummy) super fast nasik ayam super fast nasik lemak.
7. and any other dishes such as any curry, sambal tumis, asam pedas, masak lemak etc, i just campaq stuff style.

but i am no good at making any mee/bihun/laksa etc etc berkuah yet.

the only thing i can bake before is any PIE. but now no baked oven means no baking.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

sibling gila

my hubby bought guitar hero for ps2. and we keep on playing this game over and over again, having battle over battle...hahahahah. the whole gang is in the!


i worked both on saturday and sunday this week.from 8 am till 2pm for outpatient. tiring!
i didnt cooked any breakfast or lunch.
but instead i made dinner.
as for today i cooked beef stew with button mushroom, potato, carrot and capsicum.
one whole pot, for mr hubby and the rest of the family.
and for myself i just cook some pasta to go with the beef soup. teringin.
banyak pula mende teringin.
i forgot to take the picture. nevermind, next time every time i cook i will take some picture.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

sob sob

i jumped onto mr nik back just now to ride into the lift. but suddenly i let go his hand and there i fall on the floor, my back hit the lift door and the pain is taking away my breath. sakit.

uwa....i cry..

uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa stilll hurt.

Monday, December 6, 2010

bilik pengantin

bilik pengantin yang dulunya cantik sekrang sudah bertukar menjadi biasa. aduh, sedihnya. bila dipakai hari-hari tak relevan bilik nak stay macam hotel. like in my case, our room is everything there is.
ini tempat tidur, bermain, kerja, sidai baju pun sama.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


my husband and i dindt decide on cooking task.who shall cook what and so on. since the day we got married, hubby has been preparing breakfast for both me and him. he always have breakfast every morning even before we got married, as for me i am not. so he made us breakfast everyday never failed!

then, as for me i made lunch and dinner.
he has this almost strict diet of food that he used because he likes body building and so his ffod is more or less grilled chicken and fish so forth.
so its easy for me..yay! ahahhahah i wanted to cook rice and the dishes but he wont eat so what is the point.

i have been making grilled dowry fish with garlic lemon butter sauces.
crispy chicken garden salad.
grilled chicken with mushroom sauces.
and so on.
veyr easy. life is great.hehe

anyway, today both mr nik and i are not working. i am down with fever and upper respiratory infection, and im on antibiotic.

dont want to infect mr nik.
off to bed yet again.

1 month

1 month and still counting. hoyeah! im in love and insya allah will always be.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st attemp

i used to jog everyday back then when im in yogyakarta.
i lost a lot of kilos and i weight 55 kg!
used too.. not for long until i met Mr nik and live happily ever after. (for now alhamdullilah)
i put on so much of weight i cant barely believe myself.haha again!
anyway, today is my 1st attempt of jogging with Mr nik in hoping to make this as a habit. like i previously do. i actually jog everyday for the whole 5th semester, and that is also before i broke up with my ex.

i didn't do for anyone but myself. now i want to do it again, with mr nik helps and in wanting to have a beautiful healthy marriage and baby.yes in order to have a healthy baby, i need to exercise and reduce weight. owh this is not a doctor advice or anyone, its mine own.

eat healthly is hard. i love food. especially the unhealthy one. you name it! everything! and currently im looking for a christmas buffet to go with mr nik and my bestfriend.
hahahah gila kan.

okay i will continue writing as mr nik has been calling me to go mandi and sembahyang jemaah with him.