Tuesday, May 29, 2012


(written long time ago masa my sister baru deliver, lupa nak post.so update a bit)

I think breastfeeding or formula feeding is a great issue that need to be tackled by those who wants to become a mother. it not the clothes, or stroller, car seat or the baby cot,but its the feeding. it is a wake up call for me as well.
I think most parents forget that the most important think is to feed the baby. if you decide to give formula then find a good one, if you decide to give breast milk fully then you should invest on a good pump. it doesn't matter what i the price as long as it suit you well that it should be okay.

we are a bit kelam kabut when my sister give birth as the milk come out even later then we expected. so I give some of mine to my nephew whom now is my son as well. she got an electric pump but some how it is broken and she had to do it manually. so yeah. susah gila. really pity her and we all got so worried. but alhamdulilla it is getting better.

and I did buy a good pump and i am happy with it.

it has been 6 months of breastfeeding. 6 months of pumping. 3 months of pumping at least 3 times a day! damn my breast is sore. seriously siap ada marking bulat area breast tu okay!
haha but im happy and satisfied. i am praying hard that i still can continue breastfeed my baby. this is hard. i  believe if i were to have more child, my main concern is feeding the baby. if i can breastfeed which i shall have a positive mind of it, i need to really do it, if i need to give formula then finding a right one is a hard thing as well. banyak choices gila and whether our baby is okay with it or not is another question. takot constipate and lactose intolerance. wow!

 ni stok susu dulu dalam kecil dah cukup. lama lama bertimbun sikit. so tukar ke laci bawah besar sikit. kalut rotate susu takot expired
 current milk stock. stocking up for ramadhan, as advice milk production will drop a bit. so im preparing myself for that.this is all saving up from april to may. i will try to store at least 1 of 3.5 oz of milk.
my daily supplement. i do believe in demand and supply concept but i also believe that with the right supplement the milk quality and quantity will gets better. beside all of this, i also drink up horlick and boiled longan plus red dates. i eats spinach and pegaga everyday if available and take a slice of papaya everyday! for the production of at least 5 oz per session. my milk is also creamy. if i leave the milk in the fridge for a few hours, you can see that the foremilk is only about 1 oz and the rest is the hindmilk. alhamdulillah.
hoping it will stay that way and aleena can continue breastfeed until 2 years or more.

i pumped at 8am-12pm and 4pm everyday at work.

weekend at least once to stock up milk or replace the one i bring out for outing.

after 6 months for breastfeeding i notice aleena is much more relax now when it comes to feeding. she is no more demand every one hour for milk during day time. she knows she is full and can let go of my breast. if outing pun dah boleh keluar dengan tenang. tak kalut dah macam dulu. takot dia lapar nak kena breastfeed. hehe dia xmau minum susu sangat. now if bottle she will finished 3.5 oz. if direct feed sat sahaja dlm 5-10 minit je minum. lepas tu xmau dah.. and can last up to 3 hours for the next feeding.

 whenever i go out i will bring this two,hot water to warm the milk.

there you go, it start out with struggling to feed my baby to established her feeding, to increase milk production and now alhamdulillah it is stabilized. i hope it remains until aleena turn 2 years old.




mak ai lama gila tak update blog, busy weh. (percayalah)

sibuk and penat, to tell you the truth my routine is so tiring.
i believe all working mommies out there are the same.
balik rumah:
simpan susu
masak untuk saya dan pengasuh, makanan suami asing
cuci pump and all the bottles (11 of them)
sterile pump and bottles
frozen milk stock
siapkan susu aleena besok (all 3.5oz x 5 bottles)
kemas dapur
layan aleena
siap baju besok
menyusu dan tertidur 

penat woh. nasib ada pengasuh uruskan hal laundry, if not dang.. tapi sebenarnya takde mende pun uruskan kain baju tu. hehe berlagak. eh silap haruslah bersyukur ya.

update aleena.
masya allah sudah 6 bulan! berat last check up masa 5 bulan setangah ialah 8.2kg dengan panjang 62 cm. pendek la anak mama ni,xpe i love you a lot nonetheless.

 masya allah she behave well in stroller, masih tidur dalam buaian, kalau tidur atas katil max ialah sejam. adoi. tak suka makan langsung! so mama dia demotivate untuk masak. so susu masih  no satu. she still fully breastfeed, alhamdullilah

tengah berusaha keras untuk merangkak. tapi dia merangkak reverse dulu hahahaha. so cute.

hari ini aleena cry ada bunyi macam panggil mama... uwaa if betul terharu. mama loves you too. you need mama kan forever and ever.

gitulah weh.......................................