Tuesday, June 28, 2011

pregnancy progression

i was away for one and a half day for a seminar in sepang. but upon arriving there i notice i have blood stain again on my panty liner. pretty upset about this.
maybe because of the long drive?sigh.

call up my husband and he decided to come and join me for the night just in case. and drive back the car to work and come back to pick me up so that i dont drive.
feel a bit cramp on my stomach now.

sigh. no more blood stain. i supposed it is okay?
my next appointment will be next week.
just gonna wait until then i guess.

praying hard everything is okay.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

baby stuff

my husband is really paranoid whenever i ask permission from him to buy clothes and the baby stuff.
he said it is too early.
but i say, i am damn excited.

anyway,since my sayangness afiqah rahmat is in united kingdom(over), i ask her to buy me the breast pump. being such a lovely adorable fiki cantik (hehe) sayangness, she bought me a microwave sterilizer and baby bottle. yay! hehe:-)
my 1st step towards breastfeeding for my baby.

so this is the 1st ever item i bought for my baby.

cant wait to buy those adorable baju-bajuan.

18 weeks :-) check up!

last week, went to hospital kuala lumpur for my 17 weeks check up, where my baby weight is 190gm, today at 18 weeks my baby is 215 gm :-) yay!

i am so happy seeing my baby today. the baby also wave at me, showing me 5 fingers that is masya allah so comel.

but still the baby refuse to show me if the baby is a she or a he. but never mind mummy is still very much happy when the doctor told me that you are healthy! alhamdullilah. cant wait to see you again next month and please show me your gender baby please...

Monday, June 20, 2011

suami saya

sumpah saya sangat bersyukur dapat suami saya.
masya allah, dia sangat penyabar, peyayang dan romantik tahap ultraman taro.

hahaha motif?

Sunday, June 19, 2011


i love my weekend so much.
today woke up feeling so damn hungry. hubby has listed down like everything that is possible to eat but still i am so indecisive. and in the end he decided to fry me some nasi goreng! superbly done. finish one big plate of it. thank you very much mr husband.

and he is not done feeding me, that he take me to levaine for lunch. we had some pasta and lots of pastries. :-)

for tonight my dad gonna belanja us nasi arab! yay!

i am so touch, my husband has been treating me like superbly superb. cooks and make drinks for me. while i dont. i just cant stand cooking for so long. take a lot of my energy off.

today my baby has been kicking more. yay..

and tomorrow we are working again.

Friday, June 17, 2011

what if...suami suruh berhenti kerja?

seriously speaking, i work my ass off to finish my studies. i am not ready born a bright student. i had to study very hard to achieve excellent result.
my primary and secondary school i was an average student for most of the subject. but i am a top student for some subject such as history and english because i would like to be a lawyer. haha

anyway when my father asked me to study pharmacy, i just follow as i dont have much argument to not do so.
as i proceed with the studies, i struggle most of the semester.my fellow classmate is OMG brilliant. most of them was a top scorer in spm and so forth. so yeah. i am a no one.

finish up my diploma with alhamdulillah 3.0pointer and above, work for almost a year when my father send me to do my degree in indonesia. thankfully it is only for 2 and a half year. i struggle too. hahaha

anyway, now that i am working, i felt so bless that i follow my dad advice, but only financially. hahah but the satisfaction is none. i hate working in the hospital. and so i was thinking of becoming a housewife.

i am pretty sure it would be a dissapointment to my parents if i do so. haha i dont know the truth i just figure it out. but when my husband can fully support us financially i will eventually stop working. i would love to have my own business. but being a mom for sure will give me the satisfaction i am looking for in my career.

as for now. i am a working mom to be, so deal with it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my 17 weeks check up

went there with hope that our government ultrasound is superb enough for me to know the gender of my precious baby. but nah..false hope.
but what i am so piss off about is that, a student actually did my scan today.
and she can go on asking me this question:
"last time scan, cyst belah mana ye? kanan ke kiri"
and i was like....
"what?! mana ada cyst!" dah dengar aku sound macam tu, a senior medical assistant came in and ask the student where did she find my so call cyst.
she showed some darken spot on the ultrasound.
and the medical assistant told her that...:
"itu shadow, bukan cyst."
and the girl simply says, "owh silap itu patient tadi"
i was like seriously WTF? gila this is not something you simply blurted out and take it back by saying opsss im sorry it was someone else cyst. bodoh! sumpah bodoh!

anyway, my oral glucose test came back normal. my fasting sugar level was 3.9 and my post prandial level is 5.2. alhamdullilah. will undergo one more of this.

i was then referred to a combined clinic because my asthma worsen during my pregnancy.
my next visit will be on the 6 of july 2011.
very fast. not even in one months time.

but my al-islam medical center will be next week on thursday, and i am so hoping i can know the gender by then! i am freaking excited!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


tidak tahu kenapa , hari ini rasa sayu pulak tiba-tiba. sigh.

tak apa lah, tidur lebih baik, sorry baby, mummy memang tak lalu nak makan malam. esok mummy makan awal okay.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

peaceful relaxing sunday

it is coming to an end. i need to wait the whole freaking 5 days until weekend come again. how come weekdays is so long but weekend is so short? so unfair.

this morning woke up at 9 am, went straight to the laptop to surf, hubby is preparing his breakfast, (as usual im not eating, as i dont have the appetite), my dad is listening to some jazz music in his room and im chilling to that as well.

then mr hubby give me a good massage, doze off when my mum call me up ask me if i wanted to go and find my sulur keladi which is a frustration as the food court dont have any.

went back , eat lunch (taste blurghh), sleep again, woke up and watch some movies with mr hubby and then we chat for 2 hours when we realize it is 9pm and hubby yet to eat his dinner. (again, im not eating).

clean up my room a bit, do some laundry and i shall go to bed again. hahahaha

really , peaceful sunday.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

eating during pregnancy

eating during pregnancy should be a bliss to every single pregnant ladies. your taste buds is booming and you can think of the unthinkable food. funny, if previously you can only finish a plate of rice, i have seen a skinny lady whom got pregnant, ate 2 plate of rice with extra dishes and all. crazy!!

but not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for 4 months i cant eat well.most of the food taste blurghhh. especially plain white rice.
okay i came into a conclusion, i hate food at this time around due to that im in my 1st trimester. and the fact that before i am pregnant, im a avid food lover. i love food, i love plain white rice. hahaha

but this past few days i can accept food already. not all, the appetite is not that good. but i can eat. usually i woke up in the morning i wont feel hungry or think of food until my husband force me to eat. if im at work, i will eat earlier before works start.

but i dont mind much, at least my weight wont go up like crazy, right? since im already fat. owh.. anyway.

i do believe that i dont need to eat for 2 even though i am pregnant now. because i am pretty sure that little thing we call a baby doesnt eat much. so i dont want to simply take this opportunity to over eat.
if i were to be hungry and in craving i would eat only a little bit of portion. yes i reduce my portion.

other than that i am a believer that vitamin is important, but i dont think obimin is essential. since the amount of vitamin that is stated in the obimin is so small.
i take folic acid 5 mg, calcium lactate , fish oil, b complex and vitamin c.
for other sources of vitamin we can get it from the food that we take.

correct me if im wrong.

i am lucky that i love drinking plain water. if i am home, i dont drink tea, coffee, milo or whatsoever. since we were kids. we opted for plain water during breakfast, lunch or dinner. but not if we were outside.
so drinking lots and plenty of water is very crucial.

other than that, fruits. and some nuts. like almond.

yeah that is pretty much of it.my pregnancy diet. i will change i know. since i am getting my appetite back now. but i would like to remind myself, never to overeat, because i am so worried of gestational diabetes.

Friday, June 10, 2011

if the baby is a girl

insya allah next week, we will know the gender of the baby. i wanna know. as i hate surprises and i wanna be prepared. to take care of baby girl is completely different from baby boy. obviously.

usually, whenever my husband and i arrived home from work, both of us will spent time on the bed, talking bout the day we had, what we eat, what we do, we laugh, we tickled each other, kisses and hugs and etc. everyday since we got married up until now, never failed.
i love our evening together.
anyway,today, he told me he saw one shop that sell barbie stuff, barbie house that is human size(for kids) and tea table set. he says he wanna buy those stuff for his baby girl if we got one and call his baby girl his princess.
and he will play with her, play tea time and all.
auww..so cute.... princess.

i know if we ever got a boy, he will take my baby boy to the gym! hahah no question asked.

anyway, cant wait for next week!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

oral glucose tolerance test

for those whom parents is a diabetic patient, predominant the father, will have to go trough this test during your pregnancy. furthermore i am fat, so of course i need to go trough this test.

this morning i went to O&G department to do this test. at 8.am sharp i was there. they called up my names, took my pre blood and they give me this drink made from 75g of glucose mixed with 300ml of warm water. i drank it rakusly! hahahah so that i dont gag or taste the drink as much.

need to wait for 2 hours for post blood to be taken.

i am praying the result will be okay. but insya allah nothing to worry about because i have been checking my blood sugar level constantly. pre and post meals.

will know the result next week during my monthly check up.

ps: my husband is down with high fever and i am so sad. deeply sad. sigh.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


okay mummy is so excited and getting more in love with you, that every second i cant think of anything else but you my baby. and i want to see what you are doing in the tummy, i feel like having ultrasound every minutes of the day.
and so, mummy open up you tube,and look at someone else ultrasound, and found out that baby are all the same.
at 17th weeks you like to move a lot, maybe there are so many space for now. touch your face. it feel like you are doing acrobatic and yoga too. hahahah so comel. cant tahan.

anyway, i miss you and cant wait for next week scan! insya allah im gonna know if you are a boy or a girl let's the guessing game begin!

Monday, June 6, 2011

breast pump

i have been going trough lots of blogs and reading and asking around about this. i know most of mothers here use medela freestyle.it is good,i am tempted to buy this as well. but my friend told me that if we want to use it without the electricity, we need to use battery? i dont know if it is re-chargable battery that is included.or whatsoever.

anyway it is so confusing that in the end im just gonna stay with my first choice. the avent isis iq duo breast pump. ask help from my sayangness in UK to buy me this as in malaysia it is wayyyy super expensive.

ok that is the first thing i bought for the baby. i really want to try fully breast feed. next thing to buy on the list is a mini fridge/freezer for the breast milk.

memang mengandung itu rezeki

when decided to get married, my husband and i were never put high hope on getting pregnant real soon. i was also worried that i might not be able to conceive. anyway, i want to be a mother. and i know i will be a really mad mother. hahah bugging the children constantly and everything. and im sure insya allah my husband is gonna be the one who soothes the children when i go mad, membebel to the children. i am garang after all.

in march 21, we get to know that i am pregnant. alhamdullilah i am bless and happy of course. straight away told my mum when i thought of keeping it as a secret first but i cant hahah. and then my best friend and everyone else.

trough out the early pregnancy i am so worried of whether i am doing everything right in taking care of the baby. i took a few types of medicine because i was really sick. and etc.
i felt like wanting to do ultrasound everyday just to check on my baby ,if the heart is still beating.
alhamdullilah so far it is. i am hoping my baby will be born safely and healthy.

i am thankful that Allah s.w.t granting me this opportunity to be a mother. a life long commitment. a rezeki from him. but trough out this pregnancy i was test by many things. firstly i am a very sick pregnant women! my allergies all decided to attack me this very moment, my sinusitis went horrible, my asthma. flu and cough that lasted until today , 4 months already.
and also bleeding and low lying placenta (at this moment i felt like a failure) i cant take care of my pregnancy well. seriously.
until last week when i had this spotting almost every week, went to see doctor and she said everything is fine. the placenta is going up. and the baby is healthy.

i had a friend, whom is pregnant for the second one, after the first one miscarriage 2 months ago. and this time, she had the same problem, bleeding . doctor give her a jab and hormone orally and aspirin for the womb to be strong and blood flow to the baby sufficient enough for its to grow.
but she got a news today that the baby doesnt grow. i felt for her. she wants this real bad. but maybe allah can give you rezeki. but at the same time allah can take it back.

i hope she will be strong.

ps:i am still craving for asam jeruk. yummies. food still taste blaaaaah to me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

when husband is away

i am lost when my husband is not around. as i love to kacau him all the time. i poke him in real life and in facebook. i love to bullies him around haha. just that i love having him around 24 /7. face it i am POYO when it comes to him.

we were not together this weekend. he had to go to kelantan back to his hometown because our cousin got married.i cant travel due to the low lying placenta thingy and bleeding.

anyway on his way back home, the road had a massive accident and it was jammed packed. he depart from kelantan at 3 pm and only reach home in kl at 4 in the morning!

i was damn mamai when he was home this morning. he asked me to go back to sleep and as i awake this morning he is at my side. happiness.

had a very good morning with mr husband today. had breakfast and send him to work. as i am on medical leaves until wednesday.
he went to work for merely an hour when suddenly he opens up the bedroom door asking me, siapa hantar sms rindu tadi? ni orang tu dah balik sebab ada orang rindu!
i was like heh?
hehehehehehheh yay husband skip work to spend time with me.
and so we shall lepak the whole day.
adios samigos.

perempuan ketika bercinta

perempuan hanya boleh mencintai seorang sahaja lelaki dalam hidupnya. selebihnya kasih dah sayang mungkin akan tertumpah pada anak-anak mereka.
suami on the other hand, they can love many. that is why they are allowed to do poligami. dont deny it. but the truth is, kalau setakat boleh bercinta banyak, tapi tak mahu memberikan nafkah zahir, jangan fikir la ye wahai tuan-tuan. selagi masih terpaksa mengharapkan isteri bekerja bagi membantu urusan perbelanjaan harian, dan tidak mampu memberikan keperluan terutamanya kewangan, jangan harap la ya.
aku rasa sebab tu la isteri-isteri salih yaacob, tak boleh menghalang suami mereka berkahwin lain. memang mampu. tengok financial dia. kan? dari segi lain aku tak boleh komen sebab aku tak kenal dia.

perempuan kalau sudah mencintai seseorang itu, kekasih mereka buat salah banyak kali pun masih menerima. memang terus terang aku cakap, dari pandangan dan observation aku la kan, perempuan ni agak bodoh semasa bercinta. kerana hati kita lembut, perasaan sayang susah nak hilang dan kita ini sudi memaafkan.
terutamanya kalau itu adalah suami kita.

tujuan aku menulis post kali ini adalah kerana sahabat baik aku.
dia sudah break up dengan kekasihnya. di mana dia sanggup kehilangan kawan-kawan kerana lelaki ini. kami dulu berlima. selepas dia bercinta dengan lelaki ini, dia lupakan semua kawan dia kerana bagi lelaki itu kami ini adalah tidak baik. B*** S***
and she believe him. all because of love kan? and she ditch us!
(never ever left your friend for the sake of a love, stupid)
anyway, of course la lelaki yang suka mengcontrol perempuan atau kekasih dia for the sake and showing off how he is the man, arrogant and selfish tak kemana. di takdirkan lelaki ini curang. ada perempuan lain.and they broke off.

stupid enough, the girl who masa lepas break up so frustrated, change herself to the old her and try to connect back to her bff.
anyway, the guy suddenly realize that the new lover is nothing like her. and wants to get back together. for his reason is she is way much better.

and you guess it right, she forgive him and get back together. STUPID! so not worth it. if a guy ditch you for another girl, he is so not worth it! im telling you, he got the free ticket to do it again ! regardless dia cakap dah berubah ke ape ka, he knows if he did it again, he can always come back to you.
dia akan sentiasa buka option dia, to choose who is the best to be his lifelong partner.
seriously ladies, please, once is enough, how can you endure such pain over and over again from the same guy?

i can share you this, because i had gone trough a breakup. it is painful! worse it was a 5 years relationship.but im not stupid. a week is enough ladies to mourn over the relationship. dont mourn for the guy, but the time you waste for such a guy. and alhamdullilah lucky me Allah s.w.t has shown me what an a**h*** he is.until now.

but it is all up to you now ladies. as for my friend, she insist wants to give the guy a second chance. i wish her all the best. and of course she ditches us already now! hahahahah typical when girl is in love.
but i have learn my lesson, i am so lucky to have such bestfriend who stick with me regardless how i behave and teach me the value of friendship , love and life.

remember take the lesson you had in life as a guidance for the future. stupid enough to be fool once, dont make it happen again.

Friday, June 3, 2011

my baby progress

i felt less satisfied visiting hospital kuala lumpur gynae for this moment as i am not actually meeting a real doctor. just Houseman and Medical officer. who always give negative feedback.
hate it.

my next week appointment will be my oral glucose tolerance test.because i am fat and my father is a diabetic patient i had to do it at earlier stage of pregnancy.
currently i am not gaining any weight or much. because i barely eat.

today i went to kampung baru medical center to see dr norlida because i am still having blood staining. went there with hopes the baby is okay. and yes indeed. the baby is okay. in fact during the scan, the baby is dancing( because the baby is moving its hand and feet all the time) and before the doctor end the scan, the baby turn upside down! hahah so cute, just remembering it makes me laugh. my baby is alhamdullilah a very active baby.

my placenta went up already! yay! no wonder i felt my stomach is harden this past few days. yay!but the doctor gave me mc for 4 days because of my bleeding. she want me to rest. anyway i am happier today, i have been quite depress because i had low lying placenta. but now okay. hopefully the placenta will stay.