Thursday, June 9, 2011

oral glucose tolerance test

for those whom parents is a diabetic patient, predominant the father, will have to go trough this test during your pregnancy. furthermore i am fat, so of course i need to go trough this test.

this morning i went to O&G department to do this test. at sharp i was there. they called up my names, took my pre blood and they give me this drink made from 75g of glucose mixed with 300ml of warm water. i drank it rakusly! hahahah so that i dont gag or taste the drink as much.

need to wait for 2 hours for post blood to be taken.

i am praying the result will be okay. but insya allah nothing to worry about because i have been checking my blood sugar level constantly. pre and post meals.

will know the result next week during my monthly check up.

ps: my husband is down with high fever and i am so sad. deeply sad. sigh.

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