Saturday, November 17, 2012

boros untuk anak?

is there even such thing? yes it does.for me it is ok to shop and go crazy for my daughter but not for myself. i think all mother are the same where we end up  buying things for our kids instead of ourselves once we have them?
true right?
i rather buy aleena t shirt that cost me up to rm100 then buy myself a work attire perhaps? gila.

but it is fun buying them stuff. toys and such. 
i like my baby aleena to look pretty all the time.
so she dont have any outing attire as she wore everything everyday. so she is always on the go if we want to go out impromptu she is always ready. hahahahah cheating.

i need to cut back on my shopping but she grows up so fast.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

aleena is almost 1 year okd

time do fly fast when you are enjoying it. aleena is turning 1 soon. she is amazing masya allah. thank you allah for giving me aleena as my baby girl. 
she started to flip when she is 2-3 months old. crawl and sit at 6 months. walk at 10 months. she bring so much joy to us. me as a mother i can describe how attached i am to her. everyday  all the time all i think of is aleena.
she still hates to eat. she still drink her mama milks. been feeding her everything. she talks a lot nowadays. following whatever sound we made. she is a cheerful kids. active. moves all the time. barely see her sit down for more than a minute. 
her favourite things to do is watch disney channel. her most fave shows is agent oso.pororo.pocoyo.mickey mouse clubhouse. 
she knows how to cry to get her way. haha.
her birthday partay need to be postponed as my dad is having surgeries next week and i dont feel like partaying due to that. so yeah my baby grown up already


Sunday, October 28, 2012

aleena first ever shoe

aleena first ever shoe. adorable gila. i need to buy her a proper shoes since she just started walking. so i invest on a bit expensive shoe although i know she is not going to wear them for long. dont you love spending and spoiling your kid? i do.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aleena walking video

im a humble thankfull mommy to god for giving me aleena


I am so emotional last night, as for the first time i witness this in front of my eyes. My baby aleena crawl fastly and went straight to my maid and just sit there with her while i have been calling and begging her to come to me. this is sudden as my maid just came out from her room. i am hurt. dramatic much? yes it is. i am so sad. okay?
i have been doing all i can to be close to aleena but when this happen i am hurt. rasa macam ada slash cut on my heart. masa aleena bermanja dengan my hubby of course i dont mind but when it come to anyone else i mind.
i do understand that aleena spent most of her awake time with her. and only 2 and half freaking hours awaken with me!! because im working and by the time im home i need to cook and wash and prepare her milk for tomorrow morning. that took at least an hour. Aleena sleeping time is 7.30 pm. try to make her sleep later? cannot as she will cry anxiously, if i dont breastfeed her to sleep.
ini i fully breastfeed her, imagine if not. she might be sleeping with my maid instead HUAargGGGGGAGGGHHHH raksaksa hijau keluar sebab bengang. arghHHHhhHHHhHHH
talk to my husband he said that dont worry as aleena grow older she will know who is the mother and her care taker. in the end when she really understand it is easy for me to be close to her again. as for now she will be close to someone who always there when she is awake while im away at work for almot 10 freaking hours! dead!
over the weekend i was there and hold aleena for 24 hours. i bathed clean feed talk play walk whatever with her, i dont let her go except if i cook. that is why i dont like cooking on weekend cause i wanna spent more time with her. sigh cry cry cry cry.
i miss my baby girl aleena.
Promise myself when she all grown up im gonna be as cloe to her as I am now to my mom or even  more.

10 months old Aleena

This is all about Nik Aleena.
Aleena is turning 10 months old. She has grow up to be such a strong baby girl. To tell you the truth i dont really observe aleena behaviour cause whatever she do, amuse me. I cant find flaws in her because she is my daughter. Tell me which mother dont think the same way that their children is perfect.(So far) of course as she is still a baby.

1. sleeping pattern.
She is actually will want to go to sleep at arond 7.30 pm and will get up (like really awake) at 7 am in the morning. Meanwhile she will get up a few times at night for feeding. which actually as she is still fully breastfeed, she will feed some and fall back to sleep. Occasionally she will get up in the middle of the night either to scream and cry out loud god  knows for what reason and to play.(yes she play all alone in the dark for a few hour before she decide to go back to sleep).

2. eating pattern
She dislike eating.she will eat, but only a few spoonful and that will be it. i have tried everything and none seem working. she rely mostly on milk and ate occasionally? tried giving her porridge puree oats pasta rice and such on. now she eat bread with butter and normal rice with some chicken or chicken with potato and some vege.(like adult) She dislike biscuit too. alhamdulillah that she likes to drink plain water as that really help with her bowel movement.

3.playing pattern.
she lovesss to play a lot. and she played with her toys all the time. we hav e introduce playground to her and she loves  the swings too. we can notice that when she can walk she will go and run everywhere to play.
4. aleena loves tv too much. her favourite shows are pororo, pocoyo, agent oso , mickey mouse, little tayo, doc mc stuffin and jake and the neverland pirate. she dislike banana in pyjamas. as what i can notice she will turn away and so.
I really really am in love with my little aleena. my husband and i both adore our little angel so much that we really manjakan her to the max.sigh bahaya right.
hehehehe alrighty that should be it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

aleena can walk

aleena can walk already yay! alhamdulillah budak kalut nak ke laut tu begitulah. she practice everyday. sangat rajin budak itu. and she is not afraid of anything. i am amaze myself.

at 10 month 2 weeks.

i wish to upload her video. but currently the internet connection is not good.

hihihi i really love my daughter and i will manjakan her to the max

opss im getting a samsung s3 today!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

blogging from a new laptop

its pink its bold its sony vaio. yay!
its small and light and i can carry it to work.
the thing with my old laptop is that it is huge and heavy. previously it is easy for me to carry them until i started breastfeeding. i need to carry those almost 2 kg of breastpump and together with ice pack and such. heavy
and due to that i am not required to do many reports, i need to bring  my laptop often to work as i cant get anything done at home.
beside there arent much computers at my office,
hahahahhahahaha,,banyak la alasan kan

i am happy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

aleena progression

omg lama gila tak update blog.seriously i am dead busy. yeah life as a mother. hectic. 
aleena is now 9 and a half month! 
she can crawl and sit at the same time at 6 months and 2 weeks. 
masa ni i took 2 weeks off to take care of her because pengasuh aleena was away. and it was worth it because at this time aleena actually crawl and sits. happy!

aleena hates food. she only wants milks,
a very happy baby alhamdulillah. turning 10 months soon and then she is gonna be a year old, sob baby grow big already.

always worried about her.even a simplest little thing can trigger me to worry about her. mengada.
i miss blogging, but i got no time. the extra time that i got i use it to rest or play with aleena hihi

so yeah this is me randomly blogging

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

aleena and food

 few attempt on making her to eat. this is bubur nasi with kurma. blend the rice. cook on a medium heat with water and buah kurma.
 blend it
 put in thermos and keep warm for the next feeding
 mixed with some of mama milk. and feed.. result? eat some and spit the rest
nevermind...mama milk is the best ya?
aleena hates food. or mama dont know how to cook to her liking?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


(written long time ago masa my sister baru deliver, lupa nak update a bit)

I think breastfeeding or formula feeding is a great issue that need to be tackled by those who wants to become a mother. it not the clothes, or stroller, car seat or the baby cot,but its the feeding. it is a wake up call for me as well.
I think most parents forget that the most important think is to feed the baby. if you decide to give formula then find a good one, if you decide to give breast milk fully then you should invest on a good pump. it doesn't matter what i the price as long as it suit you well that it should be okay.

we are a bit kelam kabut when my sister give birth as the milk come out even later then we expected. so I give some of mine to my nephew whom now is my son as well. she got an electric pump but some how it is broken and she had to do it manually. so yeah. susah gila. really pity her and we all got so worried. but alhamdulilla it is getting better.

and I did buy a good pump and i am happy with it.

it has been 6 months of breastfeeding. 6 months of pumping. 3 months of pumping at least 3 times a day! damn my breast is sore. seriously siap ada marking bulat area breast tu okay!
haha but im happy and satisfied. i am praying hard that i still can continue breastfeed my baby. this is hard. i  believe if i were to have more child, my main concern is feeding the baby. if i can breastfeed which i shall have a positive mind of it, i need to really do it, if i need to give formula then finding a right one is a hard thing as well. banyak choices gila and whether our baby is okay with it or not is another question. takot constipate and lactose intolerance. wow!

 ni stok susu dulu dalam kecil dah cukup. lama lama bertimbun sikit. so tukar ke laci bawah besar sikit. kalut rotate susu takot expired
 current milk stock. stocking up for ramadhan, as advice milk production will drop a bit. so im preparing myself for that.this is all saving up from april to may. i will try to store at least 1 of 3.5 oz of milk.
my daily supplement. i do believe in demand and supply concept but i also believe that with the right supplement the milk quality and quantity will gets better. beside all of this, i also drink up horlick and boiled longan plus red dates. i eats spinach and pegaga everyday if available and take a slice of papaya everyday! for the production of at least 5 oz per session. my milk is also creamy. if i leave the milk in the fridge for a few hours, you can see that the foremilk is only about 1 oz and the rest is the hindmilk. alhamdulillah.
hoping it will stay that way and aleena can continue breastfeed until 2 years or more.

i pumped at 8am-12pm and 4pm everyday at work.

weekend at least once to stock up milk or replace the one i bring out for outing.

after 6 months for breastfeeding i notice aleena is much more relax now when it comes to feeding. she is no more demand every one hour for milk during day time. she knows she is full and can let go of my breast. if outing pun dah boleh keluar dengan tenang. tak kalut dah macam dulu. takot dia lapar nak kena breastfeed. hehe dia xmau minum susu sangat. now if bottle she will finished 3.5 oz. if direct feed sat sahaja dlm 5-10 minit je minum. lepas tu xmau dah.. and can last up to 3 hours for the next feeding.

 whenever i go out i will bring this two,hot water to warm the milk.

there you go, it start out with struggling to feed my baby to established her feeding, to increase milk production and now alhamdulillah it is stabilized. i hope it remains until aleena turn 2 years old.




mak ai lama gila tak update blog, busy weh. (percayalah)

sibuk and penat, to tell you the truth my routine is so tiring.
i believe all working mommies out there are the same.
balik rumah:
simpan susu
masak untuk saya dan pengasuh, makanan suami asing
cuci pump and all the bottles (11 of them)
sterile pump and bottles
frozen milk stock
siapkan susu aleena besok (all 3.5oz x 5 bottles)
kemas dapur
layan aleena
siap baju besok
menyusu dan tertidur 

penat woh. nasib ada pengasuh uruskan hal laundry, if not dang.. tapi sebenarnya takde mende pun uruskan kain baju tu. hehe berlagak. eh silap haruslah bersyukur ya.

update aleena.
masya allah sudah 6 bulan! berat last check up masa 5 bulan setangah ialah 8.2kg dengan panjang 62 cm. pendek la anak mama ni,xpe i love you a lot nonetheless.

 masya allah she behave well in stroller, masih tidur dalam buaian, kalau tidur atas katil max ialah sejam. adoi. tak suka makan langsung! so mama dia demotivate untuk masak. so susu masih  no satu. she still fully breastfeed, alhamdullilah

tengah berusaha keras untuk merangkak. tapi dia merangkak reverse dulu hahahaha. so cute.

hari ini aleena cry ada bunyi macam panggil mama... uwaa if betul terharu. mama loves you too. you need mama kan forever and ever.

gitulah weh....................................... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

persediaan untuk feeding aleena solid food

wohoo i am patiently waiting for the right moment, i guess 6 months it is. sigh, time flies.. sadis.

boleh? i feel it is hard to let aleena start on solid food sebab rasa macam kena let her go a bit? psycho i know.i want her to be on my milk for a longer time. but sekarang habuk pun dia jilat nak tahan dia makan? tak mungkin ya..

so a few item bought:

1. avent steamer and blender

22.nuby feeder(so tak pakai mangkuk and sudu segala)