Saturday, September 1, 2012

aleena progression

omg lama gila tak update blog.seriously i am dead busy. yeah life as a mother. hectic. 
aleena is now 9 and a half month! 
she can crawl and sit at the same time at 6 months and 2 weeks. 
masa ni i took 2 weeks off to take care of her because pengasuh aleena was away. and it was worth it because at this time aleena actually crawl and sits. happy!

aleena hates food. she only wants milks,
a very happy baby alhamdulillah. turning 10 months soon and then she is gonna be a year old, sob baby grow big already.

always worried about her.even a simplest little thing can trigger me to worry about her. mengada.
i miss blogging, but i got no time. the extra time that i got i use it to rest or play with aleena hihi

so yeah this is me randomly blogging

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