Tuesday, July 23, 2013


what define happiness?
i dont know bout others but my life is. alhamdulillah.

i dont pretty much make my life complicated. i dont think much. i do, but not too much.
i am okay with whatever we have or had.
i am bless with aleena and my husband.
i am okay with staying in HKL kuarters instead of my own house. i called this my home now.
i am okay with the car that i drive.
i am okay with most of the things.

i dont need much anyway. i need good food, a home, my daughter and my husband.
my bills all settle and im done.

basically i dont need expensive and branded stuff. i am settled with whatever i can get.
i will thrive for more. but i dont stress out myself for it.
i dont bother much what other think of me. dont really care coz what my family think of me is far more important.
i dont bother and care what other people do or does.
i really am dont care and give a damn.

i guess that is why i am happy.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


We women usually devoted our life for something or someone else. To God. 

to our parents, family.
As a daughter, a wife, a mother, a worker and everything.

we women, usually  willing to do anything for the one that we love. we do everything and anything,

we dont ask anything for return for all those things we do passionately, but just a little appriciation.

 as a mother and a wife, you dont have much time for yourself. even a toilet break. but we dont easily let those things get over us cause we want the best for our family, the loves one.

we cook, clean, nurture our baby.
with tenderness love and care.
sometimes we do broke down. coz we are human. tired.

housewife are damn lucky. yes you are tired doing all those house chores but, you for who? for the family,damn you are lucky. 

i do all those house chores too, and i work too.
8-5 doesnt just start at 8 am.

all those preparation for daily activites and all those nursery stuff.
rushing there and here. 

i have never walked slow ever after i got aleena. always rush back to her so that i can spend more time with her and yeah those other works too.

always rushing.

we women always aims and do the best in everything. we wants the best. so we work towards that. in the end when we dindt manage to get it we can easily loose it. the frustration is beyond words.

sigh. this is me tired.

i am too happy masya allah in life that sometimes when i just wanted to let a little cry to soothe myself, i cant. it just wont come out coz whenever i am sad i remember all those happiness and greatness that god gaves me.
i shall be thankfull.

despite being tired i am okay.


Monday, July 1, 2013

hati bahagia berbunga riang

Semua orang tanya kenapa badan aku bagai di pam pam.
to tell you the truth hati saya sangat bahagia dan berbunga riang. seriously sangat alhamdulillah happy. 

Suami saya sangat menyenangkan jiwa dan ragaku. My life is simple and wonderful. gila ayat iklan ke apa ni. tapi memang, aku sangat bahagia.
Allah s.w.t gave me my husband yang of course ada flaw-nya, tapi yang paling penting dia sangat sabar dan menyenangkan jiwa. tak menyakitkan hati dan penyayang.

flaw suami saya-malaih tolong kemaih umah. tapi saya rajin so tak ape, dia rajin masak and melayan saya dan aleena. 

tapi if saya nak minta tolong apa apa just ask. DONE

my husband is the opposite me in every way.
i sangat kalut ke laut- he is so calm
i sangat angry bird tetapi dia ialah baik macam rabbit
i sangat kurang sabaq gila tahap gaban- dia sabaaaaaaq gila
i sangat tak observance hence if suami saya bukan jenis observance banyak yang aleena buat saya terlepas   

tapi..both of us gila makan and masak :-)
we both saya gila tengok movie dan series:-)
he is my bestfriend sebab i can talk about anything to him, he wont judge me.

buruk baik dia terima.

Saya sangat gemuk buat masa ini kerana:
1. terlalu bahagia alhamdulillah
2. masih menyusu aleena, dieting will reduce my milk supply,so i rather gemuk hihi. 4 more months to go!

so there is your answer