Saturday, July 6, 2013


We women usually devoted our life for something or someone else. To God. 

to our parents, family.
As a daughter, a wife, a mother, a worker and everything.

we women, usually  willing to do anything for the one that we love. we do everything and anything,

we dont ask anything for return for all those things we do passionately, but just a little appriciation.

 as a mother and a wife, you dont have much time for yourself. even a toilet break. but we dont easily let those things get over us cause we want the best for our family, the loves one.

we cook, clean, nurture our baby.
with tenderness love and care.
sometimes we do broke down. coz we are human. tired.

housewife are damn lucky. yes you are tired doing all those house chores but, you for who? for the family,damn you are lucky. 

i do all those house chores too, and i work too.
8-5 doesnt just start at 8 am.

all those preparation for daily activites and all those nursery stuff.
rushing there and here. 

i have never walked slow ever after i got aleena. always rush back to her so that i can spend more time with her and yeah those other works too.

always rushing.

we women always aims and do the best in everything. we wants the best. so we work towards that. in the end when we dindt manage to get it we can easily loose it. the frustration is beyond words.

sigh. this is me tired.

i am too happy masya allah in life that sometimes when i just wanted to let a little cry to soothe myself, i cant. it just wont come out coz whenever i am sad i remember all those happiness and greatness that god gaves me.
i shall be thankfull.

despite being tired i am okay.


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