Sunday, April 24, 2011

suami saya semasa mengandung

when i found out that im pregnant that morning, i showed him the UPT to him as soon as i finished showering. he is still asleep.
he was in shock that i woke him up with a stick in my hand.
he was very happy of course.

that morning he waited for me to get ready for work, he dindt do anything until i left. he just look and smile.

as day passes by, he treat me so wildly nicely i feel so guilty. heheh yet so damn thankful that i have him as a husband.
i am pretty much sure all husband is the same when the wife got pregnant. right?

1. he now iron his own clothes.
2.he cooked himself.
3.he massage and cuddle me every time im whining.
4.he woke up at wee hours to serve me a glass of water or just to pat my back because i cough a lot.
5.he is really concern of the food that im eating.
6.he go extra mile to buy food that i want to eat. even at 11 pm at night.
7. he let me not to do anything all day rule. nothing.until now. Hoyeah so heavenly good.
8.and all those extra little thing that touches my heart.

i love you mr husband. always . thank you for treating me so nice.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

first check up

i decided to just stick to one hospital for check up. and i choose none other than hospital kuala lumpur. easy. as i work there as well.

went to the outpatient department to request for a referral letter.
went to ONG department to make an appointment. i dont know that once you receive the referral letter, they already start your check up.
did my ultrasound. see the baby heart beat for the first time. call up my husband to make him jealous as he wasnt around that day.haha

do blood test. HB okay.

so alhamdullilah so far everything is okay.

next appointment will be on the 16/5/2011.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


our weekend usually consist of food.
we would have siblings gathering and each of us will cook our specialty.
it will either be a theme of western, or eastern.
either way everyone must bring something to the table.
last week we had a cook out of few of our favorite dishes.
and this week was western.

owh i have been getting less nausea nowadays.
and can tolerate rice already. as during lunch i had banana leaf rice in bangsar.

im also less tired. as i can clean up the house.

my parents is coming back tomorrow. cant wait to have my dried apricot. hahahaha

Friday, April 15, 2011

pregnancy update

i am officially hating RICE. i want to eat it so badly. but i cant accept it at all. but if the rice is a bit sticky and tasty( like nasi dagang, nasi lemak) tolerable. but if just plain white rice, hurm, lupakanlah..

i can tolerate all kind of noodle. i think. so far. and any western food.
i have been eating just friend chicken for lunch. even tried to eat it once with rice. failed.

owh i miss eating white plain rice. sedapnya...

i can imagine all kind of food with their owh so yummy taste. but once i eat it, yucky all taste horrible. i hate food when i eat them but when i think of them yummy!!!


i miss food.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

pregnancy update

for the past few weeks, all food to me is BLAH. dindt taste nice at all.
i dont like all kind of food.

uwaaaa and im hungry.

but i do eat, but just for the sake of eat. tak sedap.
NASI tak sedap langsung! omaigod.

okay so not good to be complaining!

okay.. off to bed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

things i do

went to work today. feel so upset and horrible because i dint get to send my parents to the airport due to WORK.

went back home and dress up to watch LAT THE MUSICAL but end up going back home earlier because im thinking of WORK tomorrow as well.

i hate that kind of life.

and im tired. i dont like my work.

i hate facing the horrible patient who dont appreciated and respect the pharmacist. or might as well i say this GOVERNMENT WORKERS.

without high pay or raise or bonus we work damn hard for you guys who pay so little as taxes or the service fees. be more respectful.please.

i rather serve those people who actually pay for the services such as in the private hospital. because they are more civilize, respectful and are not full of shit.
they dont lie to you or cheat you.
they are honest customer.who pay for your service and professionalism.
they dont beg you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

hubby less

i cant live without mr husband! tabikKKkkkk spring dekat pasangan yang berjauhan. sumpah tak mampu. owh hubby come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

hubby outstation again...

im sooOOoOooO bored. No mr nik to give me huggies and kisses. no m rnik to layan me mengadu domba.
im tired and i miss him so much.

wednesday come faster.