Sunday, April 24, 2011

suami saya semasa mengandung

when i found out that im pregnant that morning, i showed him the UPT to him as soon as i finished showering. he is still asleep.
he was in shock that i woke him up with a stick in my hand.
he was very happy of course.

that morning he waited for me to get ready for work, he dindt do anything until i left. he just look and smile.

as day passes by, he treat me so wildly nicely i feel so guilty. heheh yet so damn thankful that i have him as a husband.
i am pretty much sure all husband is the same when the wife got pregnant. right?

1. he now iron his own clothes.
2.he cooked himself.
3.he massage and cuddle me every time im whining.
4.he woke up at wee hours to serve me a glass of water or just to pat my back because i cough a lot.
5.he is really concern of the food that im eating.
6.he go extra mile to buy food that i want to eat. even at 11 pm at night.
7. he let me not to do anything all day rule. nothing.until now. Hoyeah so heavenly good.
8.and all those extra little thing that touches my heart.

i love you mr husband. always . thank you for treating me so nice.

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