Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baby Gender aka Jantina bayi

 Last week was my check up with Dr in al-islam. supposed to be meeting Dr Norlida, but she wasnt around. However, i really keen and like Dr Rosilawati too. She is very nice. Younger than Dr Norlida. Anyway both of them are really awesome.

Went there and hoping i can see the gender of my baby. excited gila. if you remember memang tukar appointment date terus pergi check up 20th weeks sebab nak tau gender. Hehe. All this while memang check up dari masa Aleena i seldom asked Mr Hubs to come along. Dont find the needs pun. Beside early pregnancy bukan ada apa pun. Except masa checking heartbeat, itu wajib sebab masa itu adalah sangat sweet. dan juga bila nak tau gender ni memang wajib la kan. So i asked my husband to come along this time.

Masa scan i was so excited. and masa dr suluh bahagian private part memang i macam dah nampak dah. So when dr bgtau its a BOY, i was so happy. Best la sebab hari tu memang usaha nak BOY. macam -macam buat and belajar timing and all.
Seronok sangat. Alhamdulillah. Sebab lepas ni if boleh nak gap lama sikit. nak concentrate on them both.

Cuma my placenta is a bit low. i believe sebab selalu angkat aleena and barang. orang independent memang macam ni. insya allah akan naik balik kan.

so there you are, i can start shopping now! yahoooOOOoO! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

mimpi indah

ya allah semalam mimpi dah bersalin. jumpa my new baby. masya allah best sangat. bangun agak kecewa sebab rupanya baru 5 bulan mengandung. abhahahahha
mula-mula anak perempuan after further inspection rupanya anak lelaki? hahahahaha he is so masya allah cute.

i wish he is already mine.

this friday ada check up 5 months. tak sabar nak scan baby. hopefully boleh nampak jantina. sebab tak sabar nak panggil terus dengan name macam aleena dulu.
and tangan dah gatal nak beli barang baby.

tak kisah boy or girl sebab baju aleena dulu semua dah buruk. simpan lama-lama memang jadi buruk. so im gonna buy everything new.

that is alll

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sayang anak

Today i got a very devastated news, a friend of mine son passed away due to leukemia. he is 2 years old. the only child.

i cried and cried. especially with this raging hormone and my daughter is sick at the moment. and im here working. because i cant afford another day off. because my IN TRAY is filled. and i need to order drugs and because of that i sent aleena to taska. bodoh punya mak kan.
Ya allah aku berlindung padamu. Lindungilah anakku Aleena.

Sayang pada anak tu, masya allah, tak terungkap. cuma yang ada anak tahu betapa kuatnya kuasa sayang anak tu.
betapa 24 jam minda pada anak. betapa segalanya untuk anak.

even with my husband whenever we watch movies together and there are scene of toddlers we will look at each other and smile cause it always remind us of Aleena.
that is how powerful her bond with us.

Anak adalah anugerah Allah s.w.t dan pinjaman -NYA juga, tapi i wish my aleena is for me to keep and jaga forever. i really really am falling in love with her too deeply to loose her.i cant imagine my friend feeling of loosing his son. i just cant.

Aleena memang selalu sakit. the comment in the facebook. "eh aleena sakit lagi" is so inappropriate when i actually only request for doa.
aleena memang senang sakit but senang nak dijaga sangat. tak banyak complaint and merengek. makan ubat paksa sikit pun telan semua. tak muntah or keluarkan balik. muntah keluar ikut hidung pun tak nagis.
masya allah. cuma dia demam memang lama. sedih.. senang jangkit dari mama dia yang selalu sakit ni. 
adoi.  ni dia demam 10 hari! i pun sakit asthma and demam. imagine that. and people put such comment.
wahhhh untunglah anak kau selalu sihat maknyah.

tak apalah dugaan allah supaya aku lebih menyayangi dan menghargai aleena.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

17th weeks check up

It was supposed to be in Al-Islam medical center but i decided to skip and went to HKL check up instead. save money.hihi

I only make an appointment in Al-Islam on my 20th weeks of pregnancy. Kot-kot la nampak gender.

so far check up everything is alhamdulillah okay. baby is growing well. 250gm already!
i gained 500gm so far trough  out my pregnancy. adoi orang gemuk tak payah gain banyak sangat kot.
luckily memang tak lalu makan sangat pun.

baby growth is early by 1 weeks. so ok. aleena dulu kecik by 1 week. ayoyoyoyoyo.. tu la aku kali ni pregnancy tak jaga minum air bicarbonat.
memang baby akan gained weight gegiler sebab sugar sugar sugar.

try tanya nak tengok gender tapi dengan ultrasound HKL memang gelap gulita tak nampak apa la. tapi dia ukur kepala kaki tulang belulang semua alhamdulillah. happy gilak. i am excited as the first pregnancy people!

ok cant wait until my 20th weeks check up!
adios samigos

PS: untung orang gemuk mengandung baju pakai yang sama up until now. muahahaaaaaa 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My House

Although i stayed in Kuartes, i really wanna make it as nice as my own. after all i'll be staying there 24 hrs right? tried my best to enhance the environment with minimal budget is very hard actually. and lacking the idea and touch is another thing. very limited idea with limited budget.

the house doesnt need much but must be kemas. but to kemas is another damn hard things to do around here. hubs and aleena has lots of stuff too. messy. bahahah (matila hubs baca)

 my room has always been a mess with wired and plugs on the floor. so asked hubs to put it up on the wall instead. senang nak sapu sampah. still messy but better
refer to the piccas bellow. used to be filled with the boxes. but i need to transform my bookcase into aleena and new baby A wardrobe. so transfer all the books here instead.
 pardon the messiness, the new cabinet is for toiletries. love it. cheap only rm149 from ikea. dulu letak barang on the small black table. messy and very dusty. now yay. i love everything cover up.
no place for the glassware so end up here. the small tall cake stand tu from ikea.suka sangat rm39.90 only people. loves it!

so ada 2 lagi project nanti akan diupload gambar rumah yang end up kemas and bersih. 
play area for aleena and my baby wardrobe. dekat living hall u all. berani mati. haha
rmah ada anak kecik tak messy tak logik la kan. eh ye ke.