Sunday, May 4, 2014

My House

Although i stayed in Kuartes, i really wanna make it as nice as my own. after all i'll be staying there 24 hrs right? tried my best to enhance the environment with minimal budget is very hard actually. and lacking the idea and touch is another thing. very limited idea with limited budget.

the house doesnt need much but must be kemas. but to kemas is another damn hard things to do around here. hubs and aleena has lots of stuff too. messy. bahahah (matila hubs baca)

 my room has always been a mess with wired and plugs on the floor. so asked hubs to put it up on the wall instead. senang nak sapu sampah. still messy but better
refer to the piccas bellow. used to be filled with the boxes. but i need to transform my bookcase into aleena and new baby A wardrobe. so transfer all the books here instead.
 pardon the messiness, the new cabinet is for toiletries. love it. cheap only rm149 from ikea. dulu letak barang on the small black table. messy and very dusty. now yay. i love everything cover up.
no place for the glassware so end up here. the small tall cake stand tu from ikea.suka sangat rm39.90 only people. loves it!

so ada 2 lagi project nanti akan diupload gambar rumah yang end up kemas and bersih. 
play area for aleena and my baby wardrobe. dekat living hall u all. berani mati. haha
rmah ada anak kecik tak messy tak logik la kan. eh ye ke.

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