Friday, September 30, 2011

Atenatal Class

i went to atenatal class in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. it is free and the information is sufficient enough. 4 hours long.
inclusive of breast feeding, birthing, exercising, birth control and touring.
maybe they should include how to take care of the newly born a bit. but i guess every mother will have its own way to take care of the baby.

since i am planning insya allah to deliver here, have mentally and physically ready to actually face the condition.
1st of all might be facing the problem of staying in the 3rd class warded. sigh.
2ndly might gonna go trough a long labour and will be so uncomfortable.

but nevermind.
i am in my 8th month or 32 weeks entering my 33 weeks.
insya allah gonna give birth next month. heh:-) cant wait to meet my baby girl but gonna miss this whole pregnancy as well.

i wanna use IUD for my contraceptive. as im planning 3 years apart. because of my health condition as well. i am sick everyday trough out my pregnancy. coughing, upper respiratory infection frequently and my asthma. not a good thing to be pregnant in such condition as i need lots of drug overcome this problem.

as for now i am trying to relax. no more 2nd job. just my 8am-5pm duty. weekend is for me to relax now. no oncall nothing.

i am husbandless for 1 weeks!
cant really handling this because i am too attach to him. missing him already. crying at night. feel so lonely.
no one to urut my leg, bring me water when im thirsty, no one to scold me for not eating, no one to rub my back when i cough in the middle of the night, no one to hug me before work, sob sob. 1 week. 1 day has passes by. 6 more days.

Monday, September 26, 2011

32 week check up

macam gile every week ada check up kan! thanks to 3 doctor visit every month i must says.

today doctor says baby is a bit small for this week. 2 weeks smaller.
and i'll be seeing her back in 2 weeks times.

not so happy today. although many people says it is common and actual baby weight is bigger, i just dont like receiving this kind of news on my check up!. i just want to hear alhamdullilah everything is okay and normal.get it.

and i blame it all on my appetite. i just cant eat more. and i even eat less than i was before i am pregnant. how is that possible?
this is so upsetting. i am now going to eat more regardless i am hungry or not. sigh 2 month and im gonna wallap every food i can. sigh just thinking of it making me nausea already.

i have atenatal class this thursday.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

baby stuff(cot,changing table and etc)

i love shopping for my baby girl:-)
okay, here's the thing, we decided to buy a cheap baby cot because as i said i dont want to plan t0o long ahead. beside we are living in this condo where space is limited and there is no storage space for us later to keep it. so buy a cheap one, once you are done with it you can either give it away without hesitate or throw it away as it will be worn out. so here is the snigler rm165 only baby cot and a snigler rm145 changing table.

the changing mat and cover. the rm179 of baby mattresses.(thank you mr hubby for patiently putting it all together) and we brought all of this home with our myvi rocks.

and so we bought this two which occupied 30% of the room already! thank goodness we dont buy the 4 in 1 baby crib because i dont think it will fit in our small room.
and we also bought all the necessities accessories such as:
to train my baby girl kebiasaan termenung? heheso that the nyamuks wont bite my baby girlthis is to put all the diapers:-) owh so mengada.

and other stuff too.
so i bought already:
1. disposible nursing pad.
2.maternity pad
3.disposible panties toiletries