Saturday, September 10, 2011

superb weather

this raining weather has making me sleep more than usual. with this weather contributing so much that i slept from 8 pm until this morning. no food or water intake at all. pity my baby.
i dont have appetite to eat at all.
i dont know why. but i ate anyway for the sake of eating. no craving and the food taste blah.
i dont munch on anything. i just eat those necessary meal only. but like this past 2 days, i only ate 2 meals. breakfast and very late lunch which is equivalent to tea time.
all i did is sleep. haiya.

anyway, my fever and wheezing getting better. trough out this pregnancy i have finish 3 course of antibiotic which tome is so not good. but if i dndt take it i will surely feel very sick.

cant wait for this month salary as we are going to buy aleena cot! yay! cant wait!

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