Thursday, September 15, 2011

dokter annoying

homaigod.sejak pregnant aku sangat obsess dengan jumpa dokter everytime aku sakit.sebab aku tak mau makan ubat unnecessarily. however, sometime it is rather annoying when you you jumpa dokter yang sangat useless and pemalas.

ceritanya, i went to see doctor back when i had finish 1 course of antibiotic and i am still not okay. nose blocked, greenish and bloody phlegm , shortness of breath and wheezing. so i need nebulizer and i dont know maybe some intervention from the doctor.
and so i went there.
did some blood test and nebulizer.
when the result came out my white blood cell count is high and Hb is low.
and i asked the doctor was is her intention for me.
she says nothing!
bodoh.piss off betul. ni masalah tak dapat jumpa dokter yang sama.

my wheezing is getting real bad, and my coughing too.
so not comfortable.
and my nose is totally blocked that i have to breath trough my mouth. and i am an asthma patient.sigh.
last night i cant sleep that i cried in the middle of the night at 1 am.

i wanna kill that doctor. this monday i am so complaining about her to her head of department.benci.

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