Saturday, September 24, 2011

baby stuff(cot,changing table and etc)

i love shopping for my baby girl:-)
okay, here's the thing, we decided to buy a cheap baby cot because as i said i dont want to plan t0o long ahead. beside we are living in this condo where space is limited and there is no storage space for us later to keep it. so buy a cheap one, once you are done with it you can either give it away without hesitate or throw it away as it will be worn out. so here is the snigler rm165 only baby cot and a snigler rm145 changing table.

the changing mat and cover. the rm179 of baby mattresses.(thank you mr hubby for patiently putting it all together) and we brought all of this home with our myvi rocks.

and so we bought this two which occupied 30% of the room already! thank goodness we dont buy the 4 in 1 baby crib because i dont think it will fit in our small room.
and we also bought all the necessities accessories such as: