Saturday, September 3, 2011

tak kisah

aku ni memang jenis susah nak kisah. kalau kecil hati pun tak lama. 5 minit dah hilang. and kengkadang lupa terus kenapa pernah terasa sama orang itu atau apa sahaja. susah. aku memang cepat marah, tapi aku bukan jenis simpan dalam hati.

merajuk dengan suami selalu, tapi tak lama.kalau orang buat aku marah pun, setakat itu sahajalah, aku malas nak panjangkan cerita. aku jenis tak kisah.
tapi, kadang-kadang dalam tak kisah aku tu orang senang nak buat macam-macam.

macam sekarang, aku tak suka orang nak masuk campur hal rumah tangga aku. macam mana aku nak uruskan rumah aku, itu hal aku. kalau aku nak buat kerja lebih, dari semua orang atau kurang, itu masalah aku.i just dont like people to get involve with me.because i dont give a damn about yours.

regardless as simple as who throw out the garbage is my own freaking problem. who are you to have say in anything, especially about this house. this is my freaking house. just because my parents is living in the same house as mine, doesnt make this as your house.please be considerate and respectful.

one day i am going to leave but as for now, as long as my money is needed to pay the monthly installment, i demand some respect. piss off gila.
i pity my husband the most, no privacy whatsoever, (for me too), and we are restricted in everything. and we have to think about everyone else before us. expenses is way too much and we are just barely surviving.

currently what we have is in the tiny room. all of our life is here. i dont have the whole house as my belonging. whatever i own is in my room. this is it.
so yeah. i am happy. especially with just mr hubby whom is my bestfriend and the only one who understand me the most. and i dont need anyone else to piss him or me off when both of us work very hard to be happy in this condition.

there you go. just a piece of my mind. pissing off.


  1. i pun still stay with my parent and with d other 2 siblings...tu la org ckp...mcm mane pun..lps kawen elok dok sendiri kan...?? tp disebabkan economy matter..kene ler stay longer skt...heh..

  2. heheheh i bukan pasal economy. tapi pasal my parents insist nak duk rumah ni, so i beli and buat loan. uwaa so jadik family house. mmg pening tau!