Thursday, October 31, 2013


terus terang cakap masa anak demam dan sakit adalah paling depress dalam hidup.
Aleena sejak masuk nursery once a month subahanallah jatuh sakit.
Alhamdulillah nothing major lepas 3 hari kebah dan sihat. syukur.

Tapi itulah, susah hati dibuatnya.
Bila demam aku rasa gloomynya jiwa dan suasana. No matter how i try to cheer up.
but i always try to make her happy so that she will recovered fast.

she is turning 2 this month!
tapi there will be no celebration or whatsoever cause she wont understand yet.


Friday, October 25, 2013

rindu masa dulu

Masa Lalu.

Aku macam rindu masa lalu.
setengah dari itu la. Ada yang tak dirindui. Benci ada.
Kadang-kadang kan, rasa macam what if tu sentiasa berlegar di kepala.
Tapi perkara yang lepas tu jangan dikenang.

But perkara lepas yang terjadi tulah makes what i am now.
A very strong women. My experience from the past sangat valuable.
Untuk hati dan perasaan.

rindu bebas masa belajar dulu.
rindu aku yang dulu..

Monday, October 21, 2013

interior rumah

I love interior designing.

But with limited money and time plus space it is just a dream.
however jangan kata nak menghias rumah cantik, nak bagi kemas and bersih pun
tertunggang terbalik dah hidup seharian.

I guess being a full time working mother and with a toddler is very impossible.
Plus ada husband yang ada banyak barang(coz dia ada business cetak baju) memang suicidal mission.

tried my best tapi tak ter-catch up.

Mana nak buat laundry,masak, uruskan anak. memang tak mampu.

but i love going trough all those interior design picture in PINTEREST. meroyan tengok.

as for now as long as rumah bersih sudah la ya?

masalah pulak duduk rumah ground floor ni, tempat sampah depan rumah,
walaupun tertutup memang lalat tu ada. Lipas. Lipan.Tikus pun satu hal tapi lama dah tak nampak.

so aku pasrah la bila anak tonggang bekas-bekas mainan dia.
aku sekarang kalau sapu sampah ada mainan dia yang kecik-kecik aku malas dah kutip.
sapu masuk tong sampah sekalian alam. nasib la.

so if nak beli mainan skang beli yang besar sahaja.

sigh...tunggu anak dah besaq la baru rumah nak elok

Friday, October 18, 2013

The end of my breastfeeding journey

Tamatlah sudah episode breastfeeding journey saya.

insya allah aleena is turning 2 years old next month on the 16.11.2013.
But i decided to stop pumping already today.
My stock can supply aleena for another week then she will be fully on formula during daytime.
but at home she will be either direct feed of bottle fed.

WOW is what i can say for the fact i manage to face 3 or more of pumping session.
washing all those breastpump and bottle parts and sterilze them.

those ups and down of the stocks.
sigh! phewwh im glad that it is over and alhamdulillah aleena boleh terima formula.

she is drinking MAMIL ALL N ONE.

i am glad and thankful that Allah s.w.t give me the opportunity to actually breastfed her for so long.
that she can get all the benefit from breastmilk.

to those mother's to be. try your very best to breastfeed your baby.
you have to be very determined and patience in order to actually do it.
really lots of hardwork especially for the working mothers.

sleepless night, aching body, sore nipple,clinginess, crankiness, wet bra and clothes, crying over melt stock,
over spill milk!, forgot to keep freshly pump milk in fridge, etc etc etc.
my god im glad that is over for now.

will i re-do everything for the next baby? insya allah with all my might i will.

the good things of breastfeeding is so much that i cant listed it all here:
from the health of your child(sakit pun insya allah tak teruk dan lama), very cheerful, strong,
very close to you. very. maybe because my baby is a girl dia sangat obedient.
and the best thing is that you leave part of you with your baby although you pergi kerja with is your milk.
so you are actually all the time with them. :-)

best thing is that
i dont have to  bring my awful koyak cooler bag anymore.
yay can use back my handbag!
no more heavy ice pack to carry.
no more preparing milk bottles.
no more preparing breastpump.
no more all those washing and sterilize 100 parts of it.
no more rushing work for 3 pumping session
no more worrying bout milk is not enough and etc.

but aleena is still adjusting to my milk is low at night,
she use to feed frequently at agak kesian disitu.
bancuh susu pun tak mau.
just need adjusting.

when she finally wean off barulah boleh fikir pasal next baby!

till then.:-)

i am willing to share my tips if any mothers out there nak tanya apa apa.