Tuesday, November 30, 2010

husband tummy

aish, my husband request for spaghetti oglio olio la pulak. tadi i cook masak lemak pucuk paku and sambal tumis ayam for him, since he already ate rice, he wont be eating them anymore(baru nak ajak makan nasik lemak ayam panas malam ni), cancel!
he will do the grocery shopping, owh that's remind me i need to run to the bank now or else tak berbayar la rumah bulan ni.hahahahahhahah kena halau dok dalam kereta.

owh im still trying to fit into this wife thingy, hard for me because mr nik is my bestfriend. so to treat him solely like a husband is very difficult. hahah anyway im happy this way as long as mr nik is okay with it!

the end

it is the end of my wedding. everything. im glad that everything went well. i dont put high hopes or expectation on my wedding day, not only it is on a very tight budget( i spent the whole thing including baju and kenduri ) not mere or more than rm20k. for a kuala lumpur wedding it is cheap.

i dont know if i wanted to continue with this blog, or maybe i will. depend. i might write here things or stuff i do as a wife.
i wanted to be this chic, happening and cool wife.
but it is not easy with my work and all.
im not only a wife but a daughter to a very busy parents.hahah they have their own plan and schedule that need me as a driver and as a executor.
damn...heheh and my husband now is being a part of it.
my parents lives with us. so yeah. hehe

today im still on leave, while my husband is working. we postponed yet again our honeymoon due to this. you see, my husband and i both has this same attitude where we put others before us. as for his side reception, we end up staying a day more as we wanted to spend time more with his sibling and parents.
and then he suddenly got a called from his company that needed him to come to work. so sigh..

and as for me i had to go to hospital kuala lumpur on my off day because my brother is down with a fever and needed to do blood sample. and he is now on antibiotic.

so here i am blogging.

im confuse, do i want to do pregnancy planning or not.
i still want to enjoy just the two of us. but i want baby too.
sigh sigh sigh...help!confuse.

Monday, November 29, 2010

cooking at mak mertua house

is scary, supposedly! but not to me.first of all thanks to the whole family who are so sporting and funny and open minded that i am enjoying every minutes of my time here. and then when mama(my mother in law) asked me to cooked i have no objected what so ever because she is super nice and let me do my own cooking without judging me.
and my sister in law is awesome-ness. she accompany me all the time at the kitchen helping with whatever she can and we chat.
the brothers are also superbly nice.
anyway heading home tomorrow.
kind a sad and wish we will have more time together.
owh my parents in law is awesome!

i made sambal tumis telur yesterday because there were a lot of extra eggs
and i made kari kepala ikan today, mamak style and the whole family enjoyed it! muahahahah happiness.
happiness beyond belief.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

mr nik side wedding:-)

was great! i enjoyed every minutes of it. i love mr nik family so much. some picture with me wearing the pink dress. owh in the first place i wasnt intended to spend much on make up, but i did anyway and im glad i did it, the make up was awesome and worth every penny. i was reluctant to wash it off that evening but i had to anyway right. heheheehe

Sunday, November 21, 2010

little thing he does

1.i am always awaken at night and feeling very thirsty but so malas to go out to the kitchen and have a glass of water. and i always forgot to bring in a glass of water before bed. that is before i get marry. now mr nik bring in a whole jug of water and a glass. and he pour me drinks everytime i asked or awaken suddenly at night even without me asking. how nice is that? it is just not nice, its awesome!(tiba-tiba, he just came in bringing a new refilled jug of water)

2.he always asked for forgiveness everynight before sleep in case he did anything wrong. how sweet is that.

and he never ever forgot to smile and make me laugh. mr nik adalah seorang yang susah nak marah atau merajuk atau bersedih hati, he always smile dan kesabaran beliau kepada perangai saya adalah yag paling terbaik!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

majlis bertandang

next week is the majlis bertandang, i was just booked a make up artist that will cost me rm250. sigh.hahahhahahaa another money to spend. anyway, gotta look awesome as well on the other side right!
can we actually hold flowers on the other side as well? i mean in bertandang? will it look nice and apprioriate? ..i have no idea.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


lets share shall we, the best thing of being married. after a week that is. before all those argument, sorrow to come. hehe

1.someone to sleep with you. that when you wake up with those nightmare, there is always someone to cuddle you up.
2.someone you wake up too and get a first kiss in the morning to cheer u up the whole day.
3.to eat and drink with,in my case even someone who will cook and prepare meals for you.ahhh best.
4.someone who willingly sleep up until 1am just to wait for my gossip girl season 3 to be download:-)
5.who make the bed every morning!
6.because of him,, i can go anywhere i want without driving now! anymore hehe.
7.or maybe just someone whom to be with you, accompany you, and spent time 24 hours with you. and he wont be boring! yay!
im in love.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

piccas from the photographer(only six)sob sob

during wedding day

1.my photographer forgot about my wedding day! he sent a replacement whom i am not very keen of. so i dindt even do a post wedding outdoor photoshoot. i gave up!i have low expectation on the wedding picture, i dindt take as many as i should anyway. because the junior photographer is boring! im telling you, no hype no character no idea a bit lazy and so unmotivated. so in the end i dont have the motivation myself. i hate him!

2. my caterer sucks big time. he dindt mention to my parents at 2.30 pm the food has already finish. luckily my auntie went to a restaurant and bought replacement food for other people who came later.but the food was nice.

3.my heels broke on me at around 1.30pm, that i have to balance on my broken heels for a while before i went up to my room shoeless and replace with an old black heels.

4.then the rain came down for like 15 minutes. but i dont mind, it cool the air off.

5. at 3.45, there were 2 children came down and started swimming, rude. dindt the parents tell them to at least hormat my majlis?

6.but other than these few things, i love my wedding day. actually during that time itself, i dont think much. im in love with the wedding day itself. having fun with my husband that we went around talking to the guest.

7. there were actually 2 dessert table on my wedding day. the first one was after the akad nikah, where everyone jump into cakes, kuih-muih, cupcakes etc while waiting for lunch to be served and the bride and groom went upstairs to gatal(hehehe change to my reception dress) and the other one is during the reception itself.
where on earth is the picture, i am counting on the photographer to take the picture.

my wedding tent

i love every part of it! ho yeah !

the hantaran

the watch and the perfume.
the chocolates
the cake
the fruits basket
i do it myself. so have a look :-)

Monday, November 8, 2010


i dont fully familiarize with the idea of being a wife yet. i havent prepared any meal for him yet. i have yet to iron his cloth or whatsoever.
but today he is sick. he is coughing. this is only the 2nd time i have ever seen him sick. the first one when he was admitted due to dengue and now this. i am having a sore throat myself either.
perhaps due to the stress and the wether during our wedding day lead to this.
while he was asleep after i give him some cough medicine, i am updating this. he is snoring away sleeping. GOOD.
so far i love being married.
im only worried of the problem we gonna face in the future and our first fight, 2nd, 3rd etc etc etc.
as for now i shall not think of it.
tomorrow insya allah we are heading to avillion.


today is the second day of our marriage life.
we dindt manage to go anywhere yet for our honeymoon.
yesterday we stay the whole day at home, cleaning up after the wedding mess.
we had a good lunch and dinner courtesy of my parents who is still celebrating us as a newlyweds! heheh
and then we manage to go to our aunties house.

as for today, we did something a regular date. which previously whenever we are out on a date i am always rushing to get back home before night.
but today, we went out from early morning(to sevice my car) and watch 2 movies, had lunch at our favourite san francisco steak house and my dad havent call a single time. which previously by this hour he will have called thousand times already asking me when will i be home!
that;s a change.(make me sad as well)

we are actually planning to just crash in to any hotel in KL for our honeymoon, but luck is not on our side. most of the choosen hotel were fully book due to some global conference, and i am sad. but anyway we decided to head out to port dickson tomorrow instead. to avillion resort.

as for now, i am enjoying to tge max on being mr nik wife.

owh i shall write a long entry on how my wedding day went! thousand to share. owh one thing, my wedding shoe heels broke on me!!!! hhhahahahah funny. but nevermind i change it immediately to my old black heels. no problem there as i was too happy to simply care about minor thing!

okay off to the second movie! and tonight we are heading to ICITY shah alam. just for the sake i can stay out all night long!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

random pictures

my camera die on me

it ran out of battery and i can find the charger. and furthermore i cant find the cable to transfer the picture out of my camera.
anyway just uploading pictures by cousin and friends.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

im married!

yeah...puas. suka sangat my wedding day. it is so intimate. all my family and friends was there!we had so much fun. aftermath we had pizza and gift opening ceremony! then we play water polo and laugh out loud! the best ever!
i love my whole wide family!

picture will be uploaded later!

Friday, November 5, 2010

today is the day!

im getting marry today! yahOOOOooOOo hehe.
nervous? yes i am. but i had a good night sleep. thanks to some cough mixture of course. so i was dead asleep from 12 am last night until this 6 am in the morning. that shall be enough right!
around 11pm all work was done, i was on my feet inai for an hour and then off to bed.
okay...cant wait to be mr nik's wife.!

mini pelamin siap

ini mini pelamin hasil tangan saya dan kawan saya:-)
ini pula hantaran buah comel kan.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

hand bouquet

adalah project DIY saya.satu je kot project ni. yg lain malas. hehehe
dah siap.happy.
mula-mula susun -susun, ikat getah.

lepas tu balut ngan lace and jahit button

and siap.....centerpiece pun dah siap. kad dah bubuh reben and my auntie dah siapkan all 12 flowers. happynya


the cupcakes i order reach this morning.
and i went to chow kit to pick up the flowers and had ro do 3 round just to bring all flowers to the car. happiness!

and now i would like to go and clear up the hall.

and this will be my centerpiece for all 12 meja tetamu. simple one.
until then:-)
my bestfriend create a post just for me, how sweet of her. she is wafa and a future dentist!

everything seem to be in order.
it is late now.
i shall be on bed.
tomorrow gonna be a hectic day.
im going to chow kit early morning to collect flowers!


went to brickfield with my sister just now to do henna. the henna has peel off. hoping tomorrow the colour will be much better. i wear it earlier due to the fact tomorrow i wanna enjoy the guest. i dont want to sit in my room for hours while my family is chatting away. heheh
owh henna is expensive. but i appriciate talent and great arts so i dont mind.i love it