Monday, November 8, 2010


today is the second day of our marriage life.
we dindt manage to go anywhere yet for our honeymoon.
yesterday we stay the whole day at home, cleaning up after the wedding mess.
we had a good lunch and dinner courtesy of my parents who is still celebrating us as a newlyweds! heheh
and then we manage to go to our aunties house.

as for today, we did something a regular date. which previously whenever we are out on a date i am always rushing to get back home before night.
but today, we went out from early morning(to sevice my car) and watch 2 movies, had lunch at our favourite san francisco steak house and my dad havent call a single time. which previously by this hour he will have called thousand times already asking me when will i be home!
that;s a change.(make me sad as well)

we are actually planning to just crash in to any hotel in KL for our honeymoon, but luck is not on our side. most of the choosen hotel were fully book due to some global conference, and i am sad. but anyway we decided to head out to port dickson tomorrow instead. to avillion resort.

as for now, i am enjoying to tge max on being mr nik wife.

owh i shall write a long entry on how my wedding day went! thousand to share. owh one thing, my wedding shoe heels broke on me!!!! hhhahahahah funny. but nevermind i change it immediately to my old black heels. no problem there as i was too happy to simply care about minor thing!

okay off to the second movie! and tonight we are heading to ICITY shah alam. just for the sake i can stay out all night long!

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