Sunday, November 21, 2010

little thing he does

1.i am always awaken at night and feeling very thirsty but so malas to go out to the kitchen and have a glass of water. and i always forgot to bring in a glass of water before bed. that is before i get marry. now mr nik bring in a whole jug of water and a glass. and he pour me drinks everytime i asked or awaken suddenly at night even without me asking. how nice is that? it is just not nice, its awesome!(tiba-tiba, he just came in bringing a new refilled jug of water)

2.he always asked for forgiveness everynight before sleep in case he did anything wrong. how sweet is that.

and he never ever forgot to smile and make me laugh. mr nik adalah seorang yang susah nak marah atau merajuk atau bersedih hati, he always smile dan kesabaran beliau kepada perangai saya adalah yag paling terbaik!

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