Saturday, November 13, 2010


lets share shall we, the best thing of being married. after a week that is. before all those argument, sorrow to come. hehe

1.someone to sleep with you. that when you wake up with those nightmare, there is always someone to cuddle you up.
2.someone you wake up too and get a first kiss in the morning to cheer u up the whole day. eat and drink with,in my case even someone who will cook and prepare meals for you.ahhh best.
4.someone who willingly sleep up until 1am just to wait for my gossip girl season 3 to be download:-)
5.who make the bed every morning!
6.because of him,, i can go anywhere i want without driving now! anymore hehe.
7.or maybe just someone whom to be with you, accompany you, and spent time 24 hours with you. and he wont be boring! yay!
im in love.