Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the end

it is the end of my wedding. everything. im glad that everything went well. i dont put high hopes or expectation on my wedding day, not only it is on a very tight budget( i spent the whole thing including baju and kenduri ) not mere or more than rm20k. for a kuala lumpur wedding it is cheap.

i dont know if i wanted to continue with this blog, or maybe i will. depend. i might write here things or stuff i do as a wife.
i wanted to be this chic, happening and cool wife.
but it is not easy with my work and all.
im not only a wife but a daughter to a very busy parents.hahah they have their own plan and schedule that need me as a driver and as a executor.
damn...heheh and my husband now is being a part of it.
my parents lives with us. so yeah. hehe

today im still on leave, while my husband is working. we postponed yet again our honeymoon due to this. you see, my husband and i both has this same attitude where we put others before us. as for his side reception, we end up staying a day more as we wanted to spend time more with his sibling and parents.
and then he suddenly got a called from his company that needed him to come to work. so sigh..

and as for me i had to go to hospital kuala lumpur on my off day because my brother is down with a fever and needed to do blood sample. and he is now on antibiotic.

so here i am blogging.

im confuse, do i want to do pregnancy planning or not.
i still want to enjoy just the two of us. but i want baby too.
sigh sigh sigh...help!confuse.


  1. keep writing the blog!! about your duty as wife and your percubaan as a mother =D

    if u want scientific facts about long marriages, usually its encouraged to have 2 years honey moon period before having a baby so you can enjoy your company with your husband, tapi kalau ada baby soon tu tak pe gak, BEST =D

    eh wait, don't have it yet, i wanna be there on the first day your baby kluar =D

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha okay i will keep on writing sayang. for u.
    owh i know, but im 26 years old next year, i dont wanna be too late having my first baby. hehe