Tuesday, November 30, 2010

husband tummy

aish, my husband request for spaghetti oglio olio la pulak. tadi i cook masak lemak pucuk paku and sambal tumis ayam for him, since he already ate rice, he wont be eating them anymore(baru nak ajak makan nasik lemak ayam panas malam ni), cancel!
he will do the grocery shopping, owh that's remind me i need to run to the bank now or else tak berbayar la rumah bulan ni.hahahahahhahah kena halau dok dalam kereta.

owh im still trying to fit into this wife thingy, hard for me because mr nik is my bestfriend. so to treat him solely like a husband is very difficult. hahah anyway im happy this way as long as mr nik is okay with it!

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