Wednesday, November 10, 2010

during wedding day photographer forgot about my wedding day! he sent a replacement whom i am not very keen of. so i dindt even do a post wedding outdoor photoshoot. i gave up!i have low expectation on the wedding picture, i dindt take as many as i should anyway. because the junior photographer is boring! im telling you, no hype no character no idea a bit lazy and so unmotivated. so in the end i dont have the motivation myself. i hate him!

2. my caterer sucks big time. he dindt mention to my parents at 2.30 pm the food has already finish. luckily my auntie went to a restaurant and bought replacement food for other people who came later.but the food was nice. heels broke on me at around 1.30pm, that i have to balance on my broken heels for a while before i went up to my room shoeless and replace with an old black heels.

4.then the rain came down for like 15 minutes. but i dont mind, it cool the air off.

5. at 3.45, there were 2 children came down and started swimming, rude. dindt the parents tell them to at least hormat my majlis?

6.but other than these few things, i love my wedding day. actually during that time itself, i dont think much. im in love with the wedding day itself. having fun with my husband that we went around talking to the guest.

7. there were actually 2 dessert table on my wedding day. the first one was after the akad nikah, where everyone jump into cakes, kuih-muih, cupcakes etc while waiting for lunch to be served and the bride and groom went upstairs to gatal(hehehe change to my reception dress) and the other one is during the reception itself.
where on earth is the picture, i am counting on the photographer to take the picture.

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