Saturday, March 31, 2012

random updates

omg lama gila tak update sbb bila pindah, internet dekat rumah tak ada so malas la nak update kan.

aleena is now alhamdullillah 4.5 months. dah pandai meniarap dan mengesot . suka sangat menjerit haha

I have work for one and a half months .milk production is alhamdulillah increasing. enough and even more.

baby aleena is fatter and I am happy to see her grow.

my sister gave birth to a baby boy. and while she recovered from czer I breastfeed and supply ebm for my sister baby boy, he is my son too after a week of my milks hehe.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

aleena update

setiap hari mama saya akan susun susu macam ini, kemudian kak yana akan panaskan bagi saya minum
saya suka minum susu , ni mama saya pump untuk saya dan stock susu saya yay! alhamdullilah mama saya tak give up lagi

saya suka membaca buku
sekarang saya suka makan tangan saya, suka tengok pattern dan saya suka menjerit.

and mama dia pulak, now having diarrhea, so worried milk will kurang. trying hard to drink as much water as possible.
and i am still trying hard with my breastfeeding. pray hard it will continue as long as it possible.amin

omg lama tak update

since i baru pindah, memang tak sempat nak update blog. i am a busy career - home maker.
heheh but im enjoying every minutes of it.

owh, a lot of things has happen.
aleena is sick this week, she poo blood. yes blood.
went to her paeds, she says nothing much to worry about, just look after my diet since aleena is still fully breastfeed, means this is all my fault.

she is now masya allah 7 kg, 62 cm.
she can roll over. anytime that is her fave thing to do now. and put everything in her mouth. haha other than that work is so so still thinking of being a full time mother. nonetheless i am still working anyway.