Saturday, March 31, 2012

random updates

omg lama gila tak update sbb bila pindah, internet dekat rumah tak ada so malas la nak update kan.

aleena is now alhamdullillah 4.5 months. dah pandai meniarap dan mengesot . suka sangat menjerit haha

I have work for one and a half months .milk production is alhamdulillah increasing. enough and even more.

baby aleena is fatter and I am happy to see her grow.

my sister gave birth to a baby boy. and while she recovered from czer I breastfeed and supply ebm for my sister baby boy, he is my son too after a week of my milks hehe.


  1. baby aleena so chubby! Kaki bambam mcm KFC, super duper comel!! hehe..
    4.5 monhts dh pandai mengengsot already? Soo clever laa...