Sunday, April 15, 2012

i shall update my blog

now that i have unifi at home..right..
but im too tired after works.
and weekend im too occupied with activities and my little baby girl

but i am much, i feel so bless that sometimes i am afraid all this happiness will be taken away. so good to be true too.

anyway tomorrow my little aleena is 5 months old! omg time flies. seriously. will update more in her.

currently i am busy preparing for he meals. 6 months i coming soon..
i am aiming for that avent steamer and blender. faster la masuk salary so gonna buy it!


  1. hahahha...i dalam otak dok pikir 6 bulan baru maryam ready nk makan, tp sejak dia kuar hospital. dia lapar semcam, so nowadays dia officially on solid foods dah...kelam kabut la cari gadget2 nk "masak"... i also was aiming for that avent blender& steamer...ngeeeee...

  2. hahahahhahahaha wahh i tgh bersedia.actually mentally tak bersedia nak let go dia makan ? siko

  3. kan!! i mmg x ready nk bg dia makan actually,..sbb tu x prepare..skali..nahhh...she was hungry