Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ali is 1 year old

Masya allah how time has flies. With 2nd baby they grown up so fast. I do feel it very much. The good thing of having a girl and a boy alreasy is people dont tend to ask you when is the next one. They even say wah can rest for a while or tutup kedai already. I dont know. As for now tutup kedai already as i am not really fit during pregnancy. A gew health issues that i dont want to take risk of.
Anyway must update on Ali development. He can sit at 7 months. He crawl at 8 months and he walked at 1 months old.Thank allah swt for his awesomeness.he is so adorable and cheeky.Very boyish as compare to aleena of course.he babble a lot because he went to taska since 3 months old and he has a sister i think.he loves to eat. Feeding is easy with ali. He eats anything. Ali is  still breastfeeding alhamdulillah. He got amir as his milk brother my nephew. And haziq my friend son.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sayang Anak

Ni topic fave aku masa kini, anak dan keluarga.
Anak-anak alhamdulillah sihat.

Cuma... sejak mula kerja ni aku rasa makin jauh dari Ali..
ok mungkin emosi sebab sebelum ni aku 24 jam dengan Ali. Segala perangai dan tindak tanduk dia aku hafal and tahu. Apa dia nak dan sebagainya.

Sekarang ni kena berpisah 11 jam masa kerja.orang lain yang jaga dia..Aku rasa jauh dari dia. Sedih..Rasa tak adil tu satu hal.


Dia balik kadang-kadang tu merajuk dengan aku lama. tak nak tengok muka mama. tapi maybe tu perasaan aku je sebab baby umur tu dah tau merajuk ke.
uwaaa...sumpah sedih.
setiap hari balik kerja aku tak senang duduk  nak amik anak-anak. selagi tak sampai tu aku tak senang duduk. dah sampai macam terjun dari kereta aku nak jumpa anak-anak.


Monday, December 22, 2014

my 3 months old baby boy

my 3 months old baby boy.....gonna start work real soon. so sad. anyway he is growing up alhamdulillah so well.. today is his 3 months vaccine plus rotavirus . dunno how much will he weight. but I assume 7 kg is a guarantee. 2 weeks ago he is 6.6kg. he is trying to turn himself over. so cheeky. love to laugh smile n talk. anyway praying god will grant him health since mama is going to start working on the
5th of january.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

my new baby

Alhamdulillah , dah selamat melahirkan anak ke 2. My baby boy. this is long overdue post. But still i need to document this for future references and memory. Just how i have been reading my previous past post regarding aleena,

My baby boy name is Nik Ali. He was born on the 23 of september 2014 at 6.01 pm at Al-Islam medical center . Normal delivery by Dr Norlida too just like her sister Aleena.

It is a total different experience with this pregnancy and delivery. I was alhamdulillah quite healthy trough out my pregnancy but with a bit high on the BP and with the same no appetite like previous one. However this has taken a toll on Ali as i give birth earlier at 37 weeks and baby is only measure at 36 weeks hence the pre-matured lungs and warded for 4 days for oxygen and observation. 

on the 23 rd of september i went for a check up and doctor says  i was already 2.5 cm and she says i am ready to be induce bcoz of my high bp.140/80. at 3 pm i was already 4 cm dilated and into the labour room i go. requested for epidural but was delayed and in with the urine catheter which hurt like hell. i believe the nurse is stupid. anyhow i cried bcoz of the catheter incident and not because the contraction pain. still bareable. anyhow after the epidural i was so relief and ready to stay inside the room just like Aleena delivery maybe untul 11 pm but at 5.30 pm i was already feeling extremly pain which is confusing because im on epidural i wasnt suppose to be in pain. 
the experience of the pain is horrible bcoz i wasnt ready mentally or physically to feel any pain hence the epidural. but nOOOoOOOOOo i was in great pain and apparently i was already 10 cm dilated and baby was already down there. 

so in with the doc. i can actually push easily this time because of the pain. i can actually feel the head down there and it took me 3 push and out with the baby. the episiotomy and sewing, doesnt cost me any pain bcoz the 30 minutes pain conclude all.

The baby came out and after that was a different story.
he is sick and i had to leave him at hospital for 3 days and now he is still fighthing his prolonged jaundice.the frequent visit for his bilirubin check is exhausting.

he is 208 at 7 days old
216 at 8 days old
170 at 10 days old
160 at 17 days old
152 at 24 days old
162 at 30 days old
aiyayayayyayayaiiii never ending journey

he is now 1 month old. from 2.7 kg to 4,2 went for 1 month imunization and further investigation on his jaundice. will get the result on friday insya allah

he will be having his circumsis on the 4.11.2014. long overdue cause he is not well.

aqiqah was done one his 14 days of life during 2nd day of hari raya haji.

i will write more on this later.

Monday, September 22, 2014

38 weeks

My pregnancy is always eventful. regardless how positive i am towards it . The first pregnancy i was sick trough out the 9 months. however aleena was okay. until she was born with jaundice. then this pregnancy i was okay but my bp was high and my baby wasnt growing much.
at 38 weeks he is measure at 34 weeks.

Anyway, tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor. I am probably insya allah will be induce. I am hoping that it will go on smoothly since i really wanna give birth normally. i really hoping Allah swt will grant me with this,i so dont want a csect ya allah .

baby stuff is ready. house i clean and organize so lets do this.
the only concern i have now is aleena. sian dia.malam nanti dia tido sendiri without me as she always slept on my hand trough out the night. 
sometimes if she awaken at night, she will asked if i am okay in her sleep! yes ! so sweet of her
before sleep she will always kiss and hug me .

anyway maybe in the next post will be me introducing my new baby!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Persediaan Baby kedua

Biasanya untuk anak ke2 kebanyakkan barang baby pertama boleh pakai balik kan... kan.. kan..
bahahah tapi masa aku dapat Aleena, assuming yang mungkin anak ke 2 girl juga aku bantai semua beli colour pink. Baju memang 100% mostly is pink! even the new born! pasrah, and some i gave to my sister and of course la dah tak dapat balik kan kan kan...

And my elder brother pun semua anak dia 3 orang girls. and my elder sister je anak dia boy. So mostly baju and kasut yang Aleena punya i gave all to my sister in law new daughter. so baju kosong. NIL kena start baru beli semua.

Since my younger brother's wife is pregnant now, i  decided to buy the newborn baju all in white, and barangan lain universal colours. so that after this she can use it. 

So barangan baby alhamdulillah 99% dah siap. setakat nak top up serba sedikit no hal.

Dulu Aleena ada baby cot, but i sold them cause alhamdulillah i manage to fully breastfeed her and it is more convenience to breastfeed and co-sharing bed as well. malas la nak angkat letak dalam cot as she feed every hour. Since dulu i pakai playpen my sis-in law punya, very useful nak letak Aleena masa nak pergi toilet, masak or bagi dia main dalam tu masa dah pandai merangkak and malas nak layan, so i decided to hunt for one myself. 
went to mothercare last sunday and walllaaaaa ada sales gila punya, Bright start playpen before is RM599 jadi RM399 plus extra 10% members discount! jadila RM260. Puas hati mak sebab ada changing station sekali. so macam tak payah nak assemble balik changing table lama Aleena.


Lepas tu since i will berpantang not at my Mom's house. so i decided to buy a baby monitor, bila makan or g dapur or toilet pantau dari situ sahaja. dulu nak pergi mana-mana my mom yang tengokkan Aleena. Masa pergi baby fair KLCC last sunday rembat satu ni. ok murah dari harga pasaran sebenar RM 260. Actually my husband and i if lepak luar bilik and Aleena tido selalu kena bangun banyak kali jenguk if Aleena terjaga ke apa, Up until now dah 3 tahun pun we all still macam tu. Bila Aleena nagis menerpa masuk bilik. so ada monitor ni senang sikit nak pantau.



Lepas tu dah cerita kot, tak ingat blame it on my pregnancy brain. dah ada breastpump lama avent double tu, condition still tip top tapi beli yang baru. why? it is so worth it to even buy a new one cause if you calculate it after 3 months dah balik modal ma. beli formula is freaking expensive unless you buy the cheapest formula available in the market la. the new one ni motor dia smaller and senang sikit nak dapat replacement parts sebab yg lama for sure dia discontinue tak lama lagi. but still. anyway i am hoping that insya allah i can fully breastfeed Baby Ali 2 years just like Aleena. My old one i think im gonna keep it as a spare or give it to my younger sis-in law if she wants. Bought it at RM1000 babyhouz. but malangnya sekarang dia ada sales jadi RM899. sakit jiwa sedikit. hehehehee but nevermind..

yang ni semua yang barangan mahal sikit la beli. Yang stroller tu tak payah just need to b uy aleena yang stroller umbrella tu sebab kecik sedikit. Dah survey kat toy r us RM199.
not now as still dia boleh pakai yang lama.. 

Barangan ibu yang nak bersalin ni pun dah siap. Tukang urut untuk 3 hari RM360(urut and bertungku only!) mahal na noo kl ni. if kat kampung maybe dah dapat 2 minggu dengan harga tu.

bengkung beli yg modern punya dekat Groupon. Rm100 untuk 2 set, dulu pakai yang watson punya tapi kena beli selalu sebab dia makin lama kin loose. tak reti pakai yang kain sebab nak kencing susah.

mandian herba dah beli. dulu masa Aleena tak pakai pun, saja nak try. Lepas tu tuam baby dah beli. Yang ni useful sangat sebab masa Aleena lepas mandi tuam dia, suka ja dia. tak masuk angin and all..

 Botol untuk Ali yang avent dah beli 10 botol. Pakai kat nursery 5 botol and bawak datang office untuk pump 4 botol. so satu spare. Beli online gila murah masa tu. sebotol jatuh RM25 sahaja.

beli bath tub dengan stand kaki. since nak mandikan Ali nanti sendiri tak yah aku duduk atas lantai. Gambar hiasan.

kali ni geram beli semua mitten carters yang cute miut tu. and since tak minat booties beli socks. banyak gila...sebab geram juga.


since dah masuk 35 weeks. semua dah siap. 36 weeks akan kemas beg.

the only thing tak beli lagi ialah pampers baby newborn.


Monday, August 25, 2014

33 weeks

Baby is alhamdulillah 1.9kg.

kicking and happily moving inside.
persiapan baby and mama dah settle almost everything

just that my husband is going away masa i 37 weeks for a week. 
susah hati disitu sahaja.
other than that i am ok.

Friday, August 8, 2014

check up 31 weeks

baby is a bit small. 3 weeks behind age. 
sigh, weight is 1.4 kg. but the problem is amniotic fluid is low.
however other than that doctor says baby is looking fine.
hari isnin ni akan buat detail scan sekali lagi. just to make sure.
but insya allah.

baby dah turn down. so lega disitu. semoga allah s.w.t membantu aku beranak normal. tak mahu czer as i need to recover fast to take care of aleena and my new baby nanti.


Monday, July 7, 2014

25th weeks check up

Actually now dah 27 weeks. tapi check up ni
masa 25 weeks.
Alhamdulilah masa check up everything was fine.
Until i went for my details scan. Baby is fine. Alhamdulillah
completed dan sihat. Organ semua develop okay.
But, amniotic fluid is low. my level now is 10.
so when the sanographer keep on mentioning my air ketuban low low low
agak mengspoilkan excitement masa buat scanning.

baby head is still up. hoping he will turn down soon.
ya allah tak mahu czer. nak normal senang.
anyway berdoa sangat ni.

best buat preparation baju baby. haha
sebab tak payah beli stroller,crib and breast pump.

just kena beli new bottles and breastfeeding stuff only.
kat situ save banyak dah.

baby is now 930 gm at 27 weeks masa check up di o&g hkl

Monday, June 16, 2014

eventful pregnancy

Last week on Wednesday, masa dah pukul 5pm, nak balik kerja macam tu, aku macam tak tahan dah loya seharian. So pergilah toilet kasi muntah satu round, boleh balik dengan selesa, 
Sekali muntah keluar darah punyalah banyak... 

Untunglah kerja memang dekat hospital kan, terus pergi emergency, Sudahnya kena admitted. Menagis rindu anak sebab tak pernah berpisah kan. sadis betul.
rasa macam kena torture pulak sepanjang dihospital.

anyway, diagnosis luka dalam perut sebab masih morning sickness walaupun dah nak masuk 6 bulan.
gittew..sebab sepanjang hidup aku x pernah lagi gastrik.

heartburn masa pregnant sahaja.

baby scan semua ok. alhamdulillah