Monday, November 8, 2010


i dont fully familiarize with the idea of being a wife yet. i havent prepared any meal for him yet. i have yet to iron his cloth or whatsoever.
but today he is sick. he is coughing. this is only the 2nd time i have ever seen him sick. the first one when he was admitted due to dengue and now this. i am having a sore throat myself either.
perhaps due to the stress and the wether during our wedding day lead to this.
while he was asleep after i give him some cough medicine, i am updating this. he is snoring away sleeping. GOOD.
so far i love being married.
im only worried of the problem we gonna face in the future and our first fight, 2nd, 3rd etc etc etc.
as for now i shall not think of it.
tomorrow insya allah we are heading to avillion.

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