Monday, November 29, 2010

cooking at mak mertua house

is scary, supposedly! but not to me.first of all thanks to the whole family who are so sporting and funny and open minded that i am enjoying every minutes of my time here. and then when mama(my mother in law) asked me to cooked i have no objected what so ever because she is super nice and let me do my own cooking without judging me.
and my sister in law is awesome-ness. she accompany me all the time at the kitchen helping with whatever she can and we chat.
the brothers are also superbly nice.
anyway heading home tomorrow.
kind a sad and wish we will have more time together.
owh my parents in law is awesome!

i made sambal tumis telur yesterday because there were a lot of extra eggs
and i made kari kepala ikan today, mamak style and the whole family enjoyed it! muahahahah happiness.
happiness beyond belief.


  1. happy for u nanie!! u deserve it!
    p/s: sy pn nk famly mertua sporting cm awk... ;D

  2. hahaha insya allah awak bole dapat. hehe kalau abang saya xkawen nak rekomen kat awak hehehe.