Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wedding photographer

as everyone knows i hate doing things last minutes. and guess what even you plan ahead, other people might sabotaj you. just like my photographer. i am so upset beyond words. i called him up yesterday evening and he asked me who am i. omigod he dont even store his client numbers!!! and he ven asked me to refresh his dumb memory of who i am!
then he remember me because i have paid the deposit on time on the first visit!
and then he told me that he is in SABAH for god sake and he is replacing someone else for my wedding! i am beyond upset. the reason i am sticking to him because i have no time to look for a new photographer.
im so bloody upset!
omigod tolong la jangan pakai photogrpher ini dari Piiown photography atau nama dia syafirol. tolong la jangan. i have no expectation on my wedding picture anymore. enough with the wedding stuff already.
malas dah. cepat la saturday come and get this over with.
annoyed to max.
i dont give a damn on the caterer ke, photographer ke, make up ke ape ke. dah malas.


  1. hmm, sabarlah dear.. slalu je ade drama kalau dh last-minute mcm ni.. Hope everything will be well :)

  2. nanie.. sy ade kwn fotografer.. ni web die..