Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st attemp

i used to jog everyday back then when im in yogyakarta.
i lost a lot of kilos and i weight 55 kg!
used too.. not for long until i met Mr nik and live happily ever after. (for now alhamdullilah)
i put on so much of weight i cant barely believe myself.haha again!
anyway, today is my 1st attempt of jogging with Mr nik in hoping to make this as a habit. like i previously do. i actually jog everyday for the whole 5th semester, and that is also before i broke up with my ex.

i didn't do for anyone but myself. now i want to do it again, with mr nik helps and in wanting to have a beautiful healthy marriage and baby.yes in order to have a healthy baby, i need to exercise and reduce weight. owh this is not a doctor advice or anyone, its mine own.

eat healthly is hard. i love food. especially the unhealthy one. you name it! everything! and currently im looking for a christmas buffet to go with mr nik and my bestfriend.
hahahah gila kan.

okay i will continue writing as mr nik has been calling me to go mandi and sembahyang jemaah with him.