Monday, December 13, 2010

being a wife.

it is no easy to be a wife. but in my case i have a skip of everything for a newly weds.

1. my house is complete.the appliances, the household wears and etc. as my parents sold their house and move in with me :-) mum is always there to help me. as for cooking and cleaning. so i dont have to do it alone. mind you working and house hold chores is crazy right!

3. i think mr hubby is such a awesome husband who helps around with no need to ask and is a happy person. he always in a happy mode. that helps me a lot.

4. as for cooking, i have a head start.where i took the initiative to learn cooking and helps my mum out. now im not afraid of trying and error with different taste and ingredient.
my cooking style is " campak and belasah" i can main campak the ingredient and it will insya allah turn to a decent meal.regardless what it is. if i open the fridge with whatever left i can turn something to a eatable meal.
and with this selambaness of cooking, i survived cooking for the in-laws family(plus my in-laws rawks)

5. i would love to share recipes with all of you out there. and pretty much anything a newly wife going trough.
and anyone knows any blogs regarding a wife telling her everyday life.
i would love to read.


my specialty:
1.spaghetti Bologna.( i never use prego paste. i made everything my own,thank you)
2.beef stew super fast cooking chicken curry.
4.ayam goreng chili(yummy yummy) super fast nasik ayam super fast nasik lemak.
7. and any other dishes such as any curry, sambal tumis, asam pedas, masak lemak etc, i just campaq stuff style.

but i am no good at making any mee/bihun/laksa etc etc berkuah yet.

the only thing i can bake before is any PIE. but now no baked oven means no baking.


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