Friday, December 31, 2010


I know that in this age usually my friend will tie their knot. But unfortunately most of the wedding that i attend involve going to my father's friend daughter/son wedding day!

But sometimes, due to some coincident, i dont know from where, hehe, it happens that my father's son/daughter is my friend too!
:-) or the son. daughter weds my friend. etc etc.
anyway, today im going to yet another wedding of his friends, but i dont know any of the bride or the groom, but since this B2B blogging thingy, i might end up going to one of them.
it happen twice already!

okay, off to the wedding. it is in shah alam and we usually will go early as we would like to reach there by 12pm. eat and leave.

that is my father style. rarely wait to see the newly weds! bengang! i love seeing the bride and groom, especially the bride as i am fond of the dresses!
hehe owh but whatever did all the b2b out there has the same influence as me? that is whenever i go to a wedding reception nowadays i always look out for the maybe do it yourself or any style that b2b who blog always do.

such as, the decor, the centerpiece, the guestbook, the dessert table etc etc.
do you?

i do.

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