Sunday, December 5, 2010


my husband and i dindt decide on cooking task.who shall cook what and so on. since the day we got married, hubby has been preparing breakfast for both me and him. he always have breakfast every morning even before we got married, as for me i am not. so he made us breakfast everyday never failed!

then, as for me i made lunch and dinner.
he has this almost strict diet of food that he used because he likes body building and so his ffod is more or less grilled chicken and fish so forth.
so its easy for me..yay! ahahhahah i wanted to cook rice and the dishes but he wont eat so what is the point.

i have been making grilled dowry fish with garlic lemon butter sauces.
crispy chicken garden salad.
grilled chicken with mushroom sauces.
and so on.
veyr easy. life is great.hehe

anyway, today both mr nik and i are not working. i am down with fever and upper respiratory infection, and im on antibiotic.

dont want to infect mr nik.
off to bed yet again.

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