Monday, September 26, 2011

32 week check up

macam gile every week ada check up kan! thanks to 3 doctor visit every month i must says.

today doctor says baby is a bit small for this week. 2 weeks smaller.
and i'll be seeing her back in 2 weeks times.

not so happy today. although many people says it is common and actual baby weight is bigger, i just dont like receiving this kind of news on my check up!. i just want to hear alhamdullilah everything is okay and normal.get it.

and i blame it all on my appetite. i just cant eat more. and i even eat less than i was before i am pregnant. how is that possible?
this is so upsetting. i am now going to eat more regardless i am hungry or not. sigh 2 month and im gonna wallap every food i can. sigh just thinking of it making me nausea already.

i have atenatal class this thursday.


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