Tuesday, April 5, 2011

things i do

went to work today. feel so upset and horrible because i dint get to send my parents to the airport due to WORK.

went back home and dress up to watch LAT THE MUSICAL but end up going back home earlier because im thinking of WORK tomorrow as well.

i hate that kind of life.

and im tired. i dont like my work.

i hate facing the horrible patient who dont appreciated and respect the pharmacist. or might as well i say this GOVERNMENT WORKERS.

without high pay or raise or bonus we work damn hard for you guys who pay so little as taxes or the service fees. be more respectful.please.

i rather serve those people who actually pay for the services such as in the private hospital. because they are more civilize, respectful and are not full of shit.
they dont lie to you or cheat you.
they are honest customer.who pay for your service and professionalism.
they dont beg you.

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