Tuesday, July 23, 2013


what define happiness?
i dont know bout others but my life is. alhamdulillah.

i dont pretty much make my life complicated. i dont think much. i do, but not too much.
i am okay with whatever we have or had.
i am bless with aleena and my husband.
i am okay with staying in HKL kuarters instead of my own house. i called this my home now.
i am okay with the car that i drive.
i am okay with most of the things.

i dont need much anyway. i need good food, a home, my daughter and my husband.
my bills all settle and im done.

basically i dont need expensive and branded stuff. i am settled with whatever i can get.
i will thrive for more. but i dont stress out myself for it.
i dont bother much what other think of me. dont really care coz what my family think of me is far more important.
i dont bother and care what other people do or does.
i really am dont care and give a damn.

i guess that is why i am happy.

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