Sunday, June 12, 2011

peaceful relaxing sunday

it is coming to an end. i need to wait the whole freaking 5 days until weekend come again. how come weekdays is so long but weekend is so short? so unfair.

this morning woke up at 9 am, went straight to the laptop to surf, hubby is preparing his breakfast, (as usual im not eating, as i dont have the appetite), my dad is listening to some jazz music in his room and im chilling to that as well.

then mr hubby give me a good massage, doze off when my mum call me up ask me if i wanted to go and find my sulur keladi which is a frustration as the food court dont have any.

went back , eat lunch (taste blurghh), sleep again, woke up and watch some movies with mr hubby and then we chat for 2 hours when we realize it is 9pm and hubby yet to eat his dinner. (again, im not eating).

clean up my room a bit, do some laundry and i shall go to bed again. hahahaha

really , peaceful sunday.

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