Friday, June 17, 2011

what if...suami suruh berhenti kerja?

seriously speaking, i work my ass off to finish my studies. i am not ready born a bright student. i had to study very hard to achieve excellent result.
my primary and secondary school i was an average student for most of the subject. but i am a top student for some subject such as history and english because i would like to be a lawyer. haha

anyway when my father asked me to study pharmacy, i just follow as i dont have much argument to not do so.
as i proceed with the studies, i struggle most of the fellow classmate is OMG brilliant. most of them was a top scorer in spm and so forth. so yeah. i am a no one.

finish up my diploma with alhamdulillah 3.0pointer and above, work for almost a year when my father send me to do my degree in indonesia. thankfully it is only for 2 and a half year. i struggle too. hahaha

anyway, now that i am working, i felt so bless that i follow my dad advice, but only financially. hahah but the satisfaction is none. i hate working in the hospital. and so i was thinking of becoming a housewife.

i am pretty sure it would be a dissapointment to my parents if i do so. haha i dont know the truth i just figure it out. but when my husband can fully support us financially i will eventually stop working. i would love to have my own business. but being a mom for sure will give me the satisfaction i am looking for in my career.

as for now. i am a working mom to be, so deal with it!

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