Sunday, June 19, 2011


i love my weekend so much.
today woke up feeling so damn hungry. hubby has listed down like everything that is possible to eat but still i am so indecisive. and in the end he decided to fry me some nasi goreng! superbly done. finish one big plate of it. thank you very much mr husband.

and he is not done feeding me, that he take me to levaine for lunch. we had some pasta and lots of pastries. :-)

for tonight my dad gonna belanja us nasi arab! yay!

i am so touch, my husband has been treating me like superbly superb. cooks and make drinks for me. while i dont. i just cant stand cooking for so long. take a lot of my energy off.

today my baby has been kicking more. yay..

and tomorrow we are working again.

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