Tuesday, June 28, 2011

pregnancy progression

i was away for one and a half day for a seminar in sepang. but upon arriving there i notice i have blood stain again on my panty liner. pretty upset about this.
maybe because of the long drive?sigh.

call up my husband and he decided to come and join me for the night just in case. and drive back the car to work and come back to pick me up so that i dont drive.
feel a bit cramp on my stomach now.

sigh. no more blood stain. i supposed it is okay?
my next appointment will be next week.
just gonna wait until then i guess.

praying hard everything is okay.


  1. dear...i pun sama..waktu lunch smlm ada urusan bank...kebetulan hubby je outstation..tpaksa drive sendri..n bank tu, utk ke ofis dia, kne naik tingkat atas yg xde lif...blk umah, tgk ada coklat stain..terus gi jupe Dr n Dr terus bg mc 3 hr untuk strict bed rest..huhu

  2. blogwalked..bahaya ke klo ade tanda2 gitu..kalo wani jln byk kua lendir mcm keputihan tu je..tak penah lak terus g clinic..huhu

  3. harzharun: kan....dulu dulu i ada coklat stain. dah check everything and my placenta is low. now placenta dah naik tapi still bleeding. pening memikirkannya

    waniey: sebenarnya bahaya sebab ada threaten miscarriage tapi skang i dah masuk 2nd trimester tak bahaya sangat.

  4. im blogwalking. i just found your blog.
    are you bleeding? ouh sad. pray hard k.
    semoga semua dipermudahkan..
    i dah 27 weeks pregnant. alhamdulilllah, so far so good..

  5. amelyn..yes i am bleeding on and off. so sad everytime i bleed sebab tak tahu nape.