Friday, June 10, 2011

if the baby is a girl

insya allah next week, we will know the gender of the baby. i wanna know. as i hate surprises and i wanna be prepared. to take care of baby girl is completely different from baby boy. obviously.

usually, whenever my husband and i arrived home from work, both of us will spent time on the bed, talking bout the day we had, what we eat, what we do, we laugh, we tickled each other, kisses and hugs and etc. everyday since we got married up until now, never failed.
i love our evening together.
anyway,today, he told me he saw one shop that sell barbie stuff, barbie house that is human size(for kids) and tea table set. he says he wanna buy those stuff for his baby girl if we got one and call his baby girl his princess.
and he will play with her, play tea time and all. cute.... princess.

i know if we ever got a boy, he will take my baby boy to the gym! hahah no question asked.

anyway, cant wait for next week!


  1. hahahaha i tengah imagine nik dress up untuk tea time, macam toy story 1 yang buzz lightyear kena dress up for the tea time with the girl =P

  2. hahahahahhaha omg i pun dah imagine. huduh gila