Friday, June 3, 2011

my baby progress

i felt less satisfied visiting hospital kuala lumpur gynae for this moment as i am not actually meeting a real doctor. just Houseman and Medical officer. who always give negative feedback.
hate it.

my next week appointment will be my oral glucose tolerance test.because i am fat and my father is a diabetic patient i had to do it at earlier stage of pregnancy.
currently i am not gaining any weight or much. because i barely eat.

today i went to kampung baru medical center to see dr norlida because i am still having blood staining. went there with hopes the baby is okay. and yes indeed. the baby is okay. in fact during the scan, the baby is dancing( because the baby is moving its hand and feet all the time) and before the doctor end the scan, the baby turn upside down! hahah so cute, just remembering it makes me laugh. my baby is alhamdullilah a very active baby.

my placenta went up already! yay! no wonder i felt my stomach is harden this past few days. yay!but the doctor gave me mc for 4 days because of my bleeding. she want me to rest. anyway i am happier today, i have been quite depress because i had low lying placenta. but now okay. hopefully the placenta will stay.

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