Saturday, June 11, 2011

eating during pregnancy

eating during pregnancy should be a bliss to every single pregnant ladies. your taste buds is booming and you can think of the unthinkable food. funny, if previously you can only finish a plate of rice, i have seen a skinny lady whom got pregnant, ate 2 plate of rice with extra dishes and all. crazy!!

but not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for 4 months i cant eat well.most of the food taste blurghhh. especially plain white rice.
okay i came into a conclusion, i hate food at this time around due to that im in my 1st trimester. and the fact that before i am pregnant, im a avid food lover. i love food, i love plain white rice. hahaha

but this past few days i can accept food already. not all, the appetite is not that good. but i can eat. usually i woke up in the morning i wont feel hungry or think of food until my husband force me to eat. if im at work, i will eat earlier before works start.

but i dont mind much, at least my weight wont go up like crazy, right? since im already fat. owh.. anyway.

i do believe that i dont need to eat for 2 even though i am pregnant now. because i am pretty sure that little thing we call a baby doesnt eat much. so i dont want to simply take this opportunity to over eat.
if i were to be hungry and in craving i would eat only a little bit of portion. yes i reduce my portion.

other than that i am a believer that vitamin is important, but i dont think obimin is essential. since the amount of vitamin that is stated in the obimin is so small.
i take folic acid 5 mg, calcium lactate , fish oil, b complex and vitamin c.
for other sources of vitamin we can get it from the food that we take.

correct me if im wrong.

i am lucky that i love drinking plain water. if i am home, i dont drink tea, coffee, milo or whatsoever. since we were kids. we opted for plain water during breakfast, lunch or dinner. but not if we were outside.
so drinking lots and plenty of water is very crucial.

other than that, fruits. and some nuts. like almond.

yeah that is pretty much of pregnancy diet. i will change i know. since i am getting my appetite back now. but i would like to remind myself, never to overeat, because i am so worried of gestational diabetes.

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