Sunday, June 5, 2011

when husband is away

i am lost when my husband is not around. as i love to kacau him all the time. i poke him in real life and in facebook. i love to bullies him around haha. just that i love having him around 24 /7. face it i am POYO when it comes to him.

we were not together this weekend. he had to go to kelantan back to his hometown because our cousin got married.i cant travel due to the low lying placenta thingy and bleeding.

anyway on his way back home, the road had a massive accident and it was jammed packed. he depart from kelantan at 3 pm and only reach home in kl at 4 in the morning!

i was damn mamai when he was home this morning. he asked me to go back to sleep and as i awake this morning he is at my side. happiness.

had a very good morning with mr husband today. had breakfast and send him to work. as i am on medical leaves until wednesday.
he went to work for merely an hour when suddenly he opens up the bedroom door asking me, siapa hantar sms rindu tadi? ni orang tu dah balik sebab ada orang rindu!
i was like heh?
hehehehehehheh yay husband skip work to spend time with me.
and so we shall lepak the whole day.
adios samigos.

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