Wednesday, September 4, 2013

government or private sector.

Susah nak take the leap to improve my career.
terlalu rasa comfortable in government sector.
Gaji banyak. walaupun lagi banyak la pergi private.
tapi dia comfort of being comfirm kerja kau ni ada selamanya.
inysa allah.
Tapi nak kaya tak dapatlah.
aku pun terfikir if ever aku ada gut nak bukak my own
pharmacy business.
barulah kaya raya.
boleh travel there and here.
first class.
and boleh hantar anak belajar good school.
and takyah risau anak kena amik ptptn or loan.
or need scholarship.

banyak offer kerja.
i should take now.
nanti in the future,banyak budak junior ni yang amik tempat.
stuck in government forever and menyesal.

People says i shall maintain working in government because
my husband is in private sector.
kerja tak stabil.

so i am confuse.

i really wanna challenge myself.
at the same time i dont think bringing up kids can allow me to do so.
if i had to choose between career and my kids.
of course i will choose my family instead.
just that i wanna give the best.

so yeah money is crutial.

but anyway, currently i dont have the guts to do so yet.


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