Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Aku stress.

From a mother to a mother.
How can you ever judge another mother?

Yes, my daughter is often sick. especially after
she is in the nursery. Dont you think i take all the
precaution i can? i fully breastfeed my baby for heaven sake.
That is my biggest prevention.

What can i do that she cry often? i dont understand what she wants.
She cry when she dindt get her way,which baby doesnt?
and yes because of this i refuse to have another baby at this moment.

i am piss off right now.

i am not as fortunate as you.
so quick whining bout your pitiful life of being a full time mother with no career whatsoever and suck it up
be thankful you moron


  1. sabar2..
    mmg mulut org tak leh tutup.
    buat dek je.
    klu i, emo kat hubby.
    pastu i ok.hahha
    hubby x bersalah jd tpt lepas perasaan

  2. kan... stress aku..... cis macam dia bagus sangat

  3. a mom mesti nak yang terrrrrrrrrrrrbaik untuk anak2 dia. udah. jangan stressed2 lagi. Every mom in this world is the best! include U :) Cheer up ok? XOXO